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Moros Vulture

Considered an ill omen the Moros was created when an enterprising Necromancer decided to bolster his forces by killing more of his enemies, the Moros Vulture was his answer. These scavengers will appear during fights and create more casualties as their aura of necromantic magic increases the sevarity of wounds and likelihood of death.

Basic Information


The Moros Vulture is similar to the new world vultures found in Gedic . Its plumage is pitch black. The throat and the sides of the head are featherless. The skin is a pale gray with the eyes pitch black with no iris. The tail is rounded and longer than the average vulture, extending slightly beyond the tip of the closed wing. The beak is black and has a deep crimson tongue.

Genetics and Reproduction

The moros will lay their eggs directly in darkened areas such as deep within caves or in the hollows of stumps. Eggs are deep red larger than most of their species. Clutch size ranges from one to three.   A moros can breed with any vulture and the resulting offspring have a high chance of being another moros.

Growth Rate & Stages

The chicks are blind, naked and relatively immobile upon hatching, and grow down feathers later. These young fledge after two to three months

Dietary Needs and Habits

The moros vulture is a carnivore and scavenger. It can eat animal carcasses that are fresh or carrion. It prefers fresh meat but will avoid direct confrontations unless it can catch a smaller creature by itself. With it's sharp beak it will rip into a fresh corpse but cannot pierce bone. A corpse fed upon by a moros vulture has a slight chance of naturally animating as a skeleton.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Naturally occurring Moros are slightly smarter than your average vulture while Moros raised by spellcasters can be trained to perform specific tasks

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Moros Vultures locate carcasses by sight and by smell. They have a supernatural ability to smell fresh blood from miles away and are almost compulsory drawn to the smell.
Scientific Name
Cathartes Entropus
Magical derivative of Cathartes melambrotus
40 years
Average Height
36 inches
Average Weight
4.5 lbs
Average Length
75 inches

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