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Home of the Hallowed Aeon and birthplace of the Infernals the Inferno is almost as chaotic as the rest of the First World.


Besides the Hallowed deity itself there are countless infernal beings and hundreds of cursed weapons and tools.


Dark weapons and evil corrupters from the Forge of Chaos are sent into the second world to gather human souls on way or another. While Aeon is above answering to such beings it has created infernal smiths and traders to to such work for it.


The pit is more of an inverted pyramid given form and dug out from the First World by Aeon. Here the dread Hallowed has decided to begin the destruction of all the worlds by creating their doom. Of course Aeon has little desire to create and must focus much of it's power in developing the Inferno and Infernal's least Aeon destroy all the progress it has made. To assist their dark deity the infernals have crafted roads that encircle the Inferno allowing them access to each level while carving rooms into the dense earth that forms much of the Inferno. Within these rooms the various infernal beings work through their purpose to plot out their invasion and destruction of the world.   The Forge of Chaos is the only other location of note within the Inferno, being the focus of Aeon's will it is the one tool that Aeon has invested much of it's being into. Used to craft weapons of destruction Aeon has found the greatest material in crafting such tools are the souls of mortal beings. To that end Aeon has tasked infernal beings to infiltrate the second world and take the souls of mortals however possible. Before the only way was abduction but in the ages since Aeon's infernal masterminds have developed cults, corrupt artifacts, and other methods to build the army Aeon needs to destroy everything in existence.

Guilds and Factions

Infernal choirs are split among the different goals and different generations as Aeon has developed more time and effort into creating absolutely loyal beings that are as independent as Aeon dare make them. The greatest in number is the Infernal Hordes who are made to kill and destroy, lesser in all ways their existence is little more than mindless hate given form.   The most elaborate and well organized are the favored corrupted souls that managed to avoid the attention of Aeon. These former mortals and often cult members of Aeon made deals with infernal corrupters for greater powers and created destruction throughout their lives. While the greatest among them were quickly brought to Aeon to be used as materials upon the Forge of Chaos a few managed to avoid this and have become leaders among the infernal choirs using their creativity to better further their dark deities plans.


After Aeon was attacked by the God's the Hallowed figured it needed more power to destroy all that would oppose it. To that end Aeon destroyed the creations that the Demiurge tricked it into creating had started to wallow in thought. In doing so it began to thrash around and displace the very fundament around it. It was this act that gave Aeon pause as it had created in it's destruction and made a defensible location, the very act making it's simple mind question what else could be done to better prepare for it's enemies. From there Aeon began to peer between planes to learn as much as it could of the many ways of destruction, gathering the information to better prepare for it's next war. As time went on Aeon's plans began to become more complicated as it mimicked what it could from the Second world and developed it's own beings to better understand what it wished to destroy. The first big plan was to create a weapon and from forges came most weapons so Aeon invested much of itself in the creation of a tool that would be it's greatest force against the worlds.


The Corrupted Infernals have crafted cavernous rooms along the Inferno to the style of their former lives. What other infernal that carved out space for their own needs have little imagination and created the barest space they need.

Natural Resources

Some infernal beings have begun to cultivate within the Inferno in hopes of crafting a flora that can be used to kill in a variety of ways. These plants are some of the deadliest creations being partially infernal themselves they are the basis for assassin vines and the most poisonous and toxic plants that can be found.

Alternative Name(s)
Infernal Pit, Aeon's rest, The Beginning of the End
Inhabitant Demonym

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