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(a.k.a. The Destroyer, the Living Hatred, the End of All)

With the destruction of First World all but the strongest died as even Gods fell. But from the twisted magic of the Chaotic Hells of the First World and divine spark of the dead Gods arose the three Hollowed, dark reflection of deities matching in power but corrupted by the destruction the Gods had wrought.

Divine Domains

Evil, Destruction, War, Death

Holy Books & Codes

The Book of the End, The Tome of Eternal Darkness, Aeon's Razors

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A spiral that draws itself into darkness.

Tenets of Faith

Existence is deplorable and must be destroyed before a proper world can be made.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Destruction of all creation

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

While the Aeon holds no true form it can craft and number of limbs and heads and mouths often at random. Just as quickly as they are grown they can be re-absorbedad for one instant, the Aeon bites into a foe with an elongated maw full of fangs in the next it disembowels with a thorny claw. There is no plan, no reason to its attacks as it shifts as quickly as it reacts to its opponents. The only constant is the dark eyes that hold only hate.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

When the world died all the hate, resentment, and anger of the dying and dead welled together and become what is known as the Aeon which saw the madness of the world and despised it. In doing so Aeon brought order but removed all semblance of life within the domain around it. From what memories Aeon had shadows and representations of the former world arose only to be struck down by the Aeon in anger.   Eventually with it's rage sated by anger endless the Aeon went out in search of something more substantial to destroy. It came into contact with the other Hollowed and the Aeon struck out only to be rebuffed as it found it's existence was not absolute. The first was Deus who Aeon attempted to destroy, but the countless demons threw themselves at Aeon till even the Hollowed itself was overwhelmed. It had learned that destruction was not enough to strike out and that it must build for it to tear down everything around it. Thus the first Infernals were made, the first was a shadow of Aeon only for the shadow to strike out at it's creator. Aeon cast it away and attempted again and again till something similar to the Demons but loyal to Aeon was crafted. By then Aeon had been confronted by the Demiurge who attempted to assist the Aeon in building it's tools of destruction. The Demiurge had seen the the Second World and showed the plane to the Aeon which instantly hated it more than the first. With the Demiurge and Deus together the Hollowed would leave the First World and enter the second, though each had a different goal all three wished to enter the Second world.   It was between the worlds in the void that the God's confronted the Hollowed, fearful of the Aeon and the other Hollowed the God's agreed the Hollowed were anathema and and could be attacked without breaking their taboos. Outnumbered and overpowered the Hollowed were routed, the Demiurge fleeing while Deus and Aeon were struck down. The Hollowed fled to the first world with the Gods on their tails, the Hollowed would have been wiped out were it not for the taint of the Hells corrupting the Inevitable. Seeing the greatest among them fail easily the God's took their fallen and fled. For now the two sides are at a stalemate, the God's fear the First world but the Hollowed covet the Second world.   The Demiurge returned to whisper to the Aeon but it had learned it's lesson and rebuked the Hollowed, it could only rely upon itself and it's tools. Destroying everything the Demiurge had influence Aeon began to destroy and build, from it's domain it created the Inferno, the Forge of Chaos, and the Infernals.

Accomplishments & Achievements

One of the few who have wielded the magics of the First World to craft a domain. Creator of the Infernals.

Mental Trauma

After the fight with the Gods and the betrayal of the Demiurge the Aeon does not trust anything or anyone it does not fully control. Even the Aeon's own Infernal soldiers are made without freewill.

Morality & Philosophy

The Aeon hates all and wishes to destroy everything. It believes only itself to be able and willing to do so.


The Aeon cannot risk itself to attack a strong enemy and will flee without a clear advantage.

Divine Classification
The Cult of Aeon
Circumstances of Birth
The Destruction of the First World
Aligned Organization
The Cult of Aeon

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