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Greyal the Alchemist

Greyal Svenson (a.k.a. the Alchemist)

Physical Description

Body Features

Dirty blonde hair that is cut short but uncombed it sticks out at all angles. Tall and gangly of limbs Greyal looks underfed no matter how much he seems to eat. His fingers are long and slender moving so fluidly you would guess there was an extra joint.

Facial Features

Bloodshot eyes that have bags beneath. No facial hair (unless transformed) and sharp eyebrows. His face is angular including his ears hinting to some Fey ancestry a long time back.

Physical quirks

Greyal's hands are constantly moving or twitching even when asleep. For as tall as he is he stoops low unless he is fighting or lecturing about something.

Special abilities

Alchemist magic

Apparel & Accessories

Pale leather coat and hide armor. His clothing is stained and tattered due to his reluctance to pay attention to his appearance.

Specialized Equipment

Biology, Alchemy, Travelling

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Greyal was the most intelligent of his town though he was too stupid to hide this and was often picked upon relentlessly. Greyal's favorite past time was tasting foods to see how they would affect him and others around him, it was shortly after one of his tormentors grew very ill from a particular meal he had stolen from Greyal that most of the people of his town left him alone. Only his family accepted him though he was always a sullen child he grew to be a sullen physiker who moved to a larger city to make a name for himself.   After leaving his town for the big city he apprenticed under a poor physiker who was more drunk than sober leaving Greyal to do most of the work. After learning what he could from the drunk and making himself known about the poorer part of town Greyal began working on his own and eventually became seen as a scary but successful physiker. Soon merchants would brave the poorer parts of the city to meet with Greyal and offering gold to assist in their issues as Greyal rose in standing being called an ingenious physiker. Greyal was still one man in a large city and could not be called famous or loved but he was known in his particular way as competent. He would have eventually become famous had he not unwittingly got caught in a rivalry with another physiker of renown and influence. Luteo was angered by the young man who seemingly was rising in renown while Luteo had failed to rise beyond his modest standing. Luteo bribed one of Greyal's assistants to poison his tools with an expensive and subtle killer. Greyal never noticed and when the mayor's daughter came to Greyal sickly but stable, when Greyal announced she would live all were surpised when the girl was died that very night.   When the little girl died Greyal could scarcely believe it was his own doing but the fact remained she fell at his hands. The Mayor ran Greyal out of town when she died and Greyal lost himself as we began to wonder in search of answers. For years he wondered a beggar and hermit seeking wisdom and judgment for the live he had taken. His prayers were answered when he came across an Alchemist by the name of Enfeedal.   Greyal learned Enfeedal had lived twice as long as one would suspect a man of his age, the body of an alchemist altered to stave off the affects of time. Enfeedal offered to teach Greyal and the man became an avid student of the alchemist. Greyal quickly rose to become Enfeedal's apprentice in no short time as he proved himself time and time again as they mastered the arts of flame and fire. Soon Greyal could create an explosion from various plants and matter that he found about the land and an infusion of arcane magic. It was also here he studied with the master to learn all of what could be done to alter the body, the culmination of their work the creation of a mutagen. Using the various psychogenics and the Banisteriopsis caapi root Greyal and his master created an infusion that would alter the mind and body of whomever consumed it. They used the tincture upon animals and found it was able to convert them into a dire form for a limited time. They had unlocked the atavistic primal trait inside civilized hounds who were turned to wolves, cats became as large and as fierce as tigers, and small chimps became towering apes.   After Enfeedal took the first taste himself the master swore he experienced bizarre, intense visions. After some time both men began testing it upon themselves experiencing a series of increasingly drastic psychological and physical transformations. In a strange fit Greyal cut his own hand, adding blood to the mixture he prepared while his Master kept to his formula. It proved his savior for while Greyal was able to keep his consciousness Enfeedal degenerated more and more till there was only the bestial primitive rather than the brilliant alchemist. The more they experimented the more Enfeedal craved the potion and the longer its effects were. Greyal fled after it was soon obvious that his mentor had forgotten him and he feared for his life.   With only his teaching and the cloths on his back Greyal set out in search of more, perhaps he could find truth and bottle it. As of yet he has not found what he is looking for but he has grown further, into a man of two minds. The first—the greatest remaining shadow of the Greyal That Was—truly repents for the arbitrary and senseless suffering he’s caused those around him, and attempts to keep his darker urges in check. The second is that man brought forth by the Change, the mad and capricious soul that holds all other creatures in contempt, and exists only to feel the heat of the explosion on his face or see the shifting colors of poisoned flesh. This latter comes forth primarily in combat, where Greyal ’s potions push his body faster than it has any right to move, flitting through the fray to fling corrosive ash or use his claws he grows to cleave into an enemy. Though Greyal no longer gives his vile tendencies full rein, and carries himself well in social situations, most who look into those bagged and bloodshot eyes after a fight quickly understand the truth of his nature: unbalanced, unstable, unpredictable—and totally indispensable in a fight, which is why he still manages to fall in with other adventurers from time to time. And as he continues to mature, some of them even survive his companionship.   Greyal joined the Bluewheel Company as their healer mostly out of need for resources and a desire to see the world. While he was able to handle the entire company in it's early days as of late he has taken on an apprentice to handle the larger numbers. The boy is of average skill but among the others Greyal has spoken to and taught that does say something.


Greyal was a prodigy physiker who learned from village wise women, books, and experiments on his own body. After leaving his town he apprenticed under a physiker who gave him a mild education though Greyal learned more from the mans books and by working while the drunk was too gone to hold a blade. Finally Greyal learned under the apprenticeship of a master Alchemist by the name of Enfeedal.


Greyal begans as an assistant physiker but quickly rose to become a fully recognized physiker. After failing to save the Mayors daughter he was run out of town to become a pilgrim where he wondered the countryside for years. Taken in by an Alchemist he apprenticed under the man before leaving his master as a journeyman alchemist.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Greyal was an physiker of some renown before his career was sabotaged.

Failures & Embarrassments

Greyal has a harsh childhood where he was unable to learn how to socialize well with others. Greyal is believed to have killed the mayors daughter and was unable to return his master Enfeedal back to his transformed state.

Mental Trauma

Greyal is haunted by his failures to save the mayors daughter or his master and rarely sleeps peacefully.

Intellectual Characteristics

Intelligent, sullen, conflicted, nimble, restrained, and stressed.

Morality & Philosophy

Greyal wants to save people but is afraid to do so. After the loss of the little girl Greyal wondered the countryside and had to become adapt at killing or be killed himself. He learned to rationalize the dangers and choices one had to make in life and when to end another. Learning from Enfeedal he found the connection to the primitive state of mind was not something to be feared but used as humanity needed the primal nature to defend itself.


Greyal used to have taboos but has since lost his restraint while transformed by the mutagen. Every time he transforms he feels a little more of himself becoming closer to the other him.

Personality Characteristics


Greyal seeks to learn above all things. When given a job his motivation often becomes how to best complete his tasks making him a good employee until he fails. Without a job or task Greyal is prone to wonder aimlessly or search the countryside for various edible and inedible flora.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Good with anatomy involved with healing or harming he is quick to learn but slow to resolve failures. The atavistic personality has more finesse but lacks social skills and planning to the point it will overexert itself at times.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes to learn and read. Dislikes failure and death. As of late the more primal version of himself has begun to revel in the destruction but does not enjoy killing as it ends the pain.


Greyal washes when he can and if he is about to work in a laboratory but often disregards the hygiene of his clothing.

Chaotic Neutral
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization
Bluewheel Company

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