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Elemental Familiars

Drawn from the raw magic of the First World Elemental Familiars are rare and exotic creatures that hold the awareness on par with a human child but wield the raw magical power of the elements. While in the age of myth Elemental Familiars were prevalent and grew in numbers to be considered pests the ability to create them has long since been lost. With few Elemental Familiars surviving to the modern age they are now highly prized by wizards and other spell-casters. It is said all but the most common Elemental Familiars are around and most of their subspecies has long since gone extinct.

Basic Information


The Elemental Familiar has four limbs with two to five clawed fingers on each limb all having an opposable thumb. Their outward appearance depends on their elemental origin though their skin is similar in texture and appearance to that of a amphibian While they are native outsiders they have no muscluature or bones and their entire being is raw elemental magic.

Genetics and Reproduction

As Elemental Familiars grow eventually they become large enough that they split into two beings. The two beings an a piecemeal of the singel entity sharing half of the original memories and skills.

Growth Rate & Stages

Depending on the grade of spell-caster a Elemental Familiar can grow from a small creature to a medium sized creature over the course of a hundred or so years. By that time they will likely split though there are rare occasions of Elemental Familiars growing large and one was said to have grown to huge size.

Ecology and Habitats

Elemental Familiars feed off of the ambient magic around them though they cannot grow unless they are connected to a strong spellcaster. For this reason most Elemental Familiars are small

Dietary Needs and Habits

Elemental Familiars need magic to survive and without any spellcasters nearby they will draw natural magic from the world around them though unless there is magical artifacts or sources of raw magic they will not grow. A Elemental Familiar bound to a spell-caster will draw from their magic but in return will reinforce their spell-casters elemental magic that is attuned to that specific Elemental Familiar.

Biological Cycle

Elemental Familiars are immortal and can survive without anything so long as there is life or magic nearby.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Elemental Familiars are often subservient to spell-casters by their nature.


Elemental Familiars were created when elemental beings were combined with domesticated animals in hopes of creating a more powerful familiar.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Elemental Familiars can be used as familiars or as magical resources and can be used in place of any elemental spell. You can also bind a Elemental Familiar into an object though it will have only an insignificant trait as opposed to an elemental or larger and stronger outsider.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Areas of arcane power and magical colleges.

Average Intelligence

The Elemental Familiars are intelligent enough to learn several languages but are simple and straightforward in their thinking. When not under a spell-caster they are primitive or childlike at best.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Elemental Familiars have average senses on top of elemental senses. An Elemental Familiar of fire has heat-sense while an Elemental Familiar of earth has tremorsense.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Elemental Familiars are symbiotic to spell-casters of any species though they prefer species with strong magical affinity.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Primalis Eidolon
Average Height
1' to 3'
Average Weight
6 lbs to 10 lbs
Average Length
1' to 4'

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