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Dragon Glass


Material Characteristics

Dragon Glass is tougher than brass and is versatile in the many uses. Braided fibers of Dragon Glass are flexible enough to form rope bridges and last a hundred years of constant use or longer. Massive towers of Dragon Glass stretch into the sky forming the city of Fewjit, impervious to the harshest sand storms. Some enchanted Dragon Glass found in the city absorbs light of the sun and glows long into the evening.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Dragon Glass is usually warm to the touch as it easily absorbs heat and other properties depending on what compound is made with the materials.


White Dragon Glass is a compound of Dragon Ore and Sand with all other compounds adding other materials and magical enchantments.   Mixing gold,, and Evocation magic you will create Golden Dragon Glass.   Golden Dragon Glass will absorb light so well the illumination it emits can will last well into the night and depending on the amount of light it absorbs can shine as brightly as a torch.   When sand and dragon ore is mixed with ruby dust and necromancy you can create Crimson Dragon Glass. Crimson Dragon Glass has a faint red hue to the color and will turn darker the more blood it absorbs. After drawing enough blood a weapon made from Crimson Dragon Glass will become heavier and able to do more damage.   Navy Dragon Glass is created when combining sand, dragon ore, copper, and transmutation magic. Navy Dragon Glass has a faint blue tint to the color which deepens the more heat it absorbs. Anyone who keeps the glass near them will be more likely to survive harsher environments as it absorbs ambient heat be it from the general area or whatever heat loss from colder climates. While it does not negate the heat it can be used as a survival tool to weather extreme climates.

Geology & Geography

Dragon Glass can only be made with dragon ore which commonly found in the country of Kadian

Origin & Source

Dragon Glass can only be made while mixing sand with Dragon Ore.
Dragon Glass resembles glass at a glance, though it varies wildly in appearance, with everything from bright shades of blue to luminescent shades that glimmer even with the barest light of a new moon.
9.66 g/cc
Common State

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