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Divine Spark

The divine spark is the power of the Gods as well as their form. They have used their divine spark to create souls and infused these souls with a portion of the spark so all that grows can create. And so as mortals live and love the divine spark grows within them till their death were it returns to the Gods.   The divine spark first came from the One Above All from which all was, is, and will be and within the One Above All was the original divine spark that was creation. But as it is known the One Above All was lonely and thus it tore itself into two beings each with half of the Divine Spark that grew into two wholes. Those two begat the God's right before their own sparks were snuffed out by their fighting. It was the loss of the divine that resolved the Gods not to fight each other. They since have grown mortals and the creatures of the world by investing a portion of their divine spark into the world they created. And thus divine spark is in all living creature no matter how small it may be while divine creatures such as angels are made from the god's divine spark.   Thanks to the divine spark mortals are able to create life, wield the world's spark as arcane magic, or even shape their own spark to cast divine magic. It is only the undead who lack the divine spark making their existence anathema to all except the most twisted individuals. There also exists a divine spark in the Hallowed and their creations though it can be said this spark is different from that of the gods and mortals. The Hallowed and the creations of the Chaotic Hells of the First World are twisted shapes that invert the divinity and soul of creation in such that it twists and taints all that the corrupted sparks touch. It is for this reason the God's have denied the Hallowed and why demons, devils, and infernals all crave the souls of mortals.


The divine spark is often seen as pure light, the color and shape of which depends on from whom the spark shines from, a mortal warrior might have a bright red soul the shape of a fire while a morose poet would have a dim blue soul as flat and still as a lake.   The God's on the other hand have such a light form their own divine spark that mortals would be blinded by the light. Assuealus God of Magic has a deep purple divine spark that is more intricate and complex than all others deities while The Hunger the Saint of Predators has a green divine spark so dark it is almost black the shape of it's divine spark mimicking it's heart.

Metaphysical, Divine

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