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To many magic is a tool to be used to gain power but for some magic is in itself the reason for itself. Those who pray to Assuealus seek to better learn and become closer to magic itself. Assuealus himself is just as much drawn by magic as he is faith. His followers number most monstrous spell casters as well as many liches who do not worship the gods of death or undeath. His followers are also those who will expand the art of magic by any means nessisary including experimentation on live subjects.

Divine Domains

Magic, Glory, Strength

Tenets of Faith

Do not cause random destruction for destruction's sake. To do so would jeopardize the magic. We may be cruel, but we are also cunning. Avoid open acts of violence if more subtle ways can be found. Seek the quickest route to power possible to satisfy your hunger for magic.

Divine Classification

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