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Demon Taint

Those corrupted by the powers of demon can be consumed by the raw magic of the first world.

Transmission & Vectors

The condition is transmitted through close [contact and dealings with demons.


Those that fight or deal with demons are at risk of infection. Should someone recieve a severe wound from the claws or teeth of a demon there is risk of the demon transmitting the raw magic of the first world into the victim. There are also many people who have begun to obtain this condition from dealings with Demons including binding demons into magical weapons and armor.


Demonic items often bind the demon wholly into the object. While bound the demon can only whisper and promise though should they corrupt an individual there is a chance they can form a spiritual connection. This is likely the reason Demonic Taint can spread from artifacts as there is no other way to interact directly with the demonic entity.


Depending on the demon who inflicted the condition the inflicted will gain a sore or patch of skin that appears to be elemental. This is often seen as unnatural frost growths, burning hellfire open wounds, or light sensitive shadow in place of skin.


There is no way to reverse the affliction short of divine intervention. Even then a priest or paladin who could cast out curses can only remove the source of the affliction, once the source is removed the infected must be pious in both body and mind before the condition will slowly recede. Should the condition vanish completely the afflicted will be cured but not immune to other attempts. There have been alchemical salves that have stalled the infection but are needed frequently and require powdered demon horn that has been blessed among other materials.


Once the infection has set it will begin to spread through the inflicted's body from outward in. Eventually the infection will affect a major organ such as the lungs, heart, or brain causing death. In almost all cases of demonic taint the afflicted will die and their soul will be consumed by the the demon who created the infection there have been a few rare cases of divine intervention

Affected Groups

Any living being can obtain the Demonic taint though it is easier for humanoids to obtain the taint. If they are easily influenced by Demonic entities then they are more predisposed to be infected.

Hosts & Carriers

Demons are the only carriers though it is possible to obtain the taint directly entering the First World without any attempt to protect oneself.


The best way to prevent infection is to avoid Demons and demonic artifacts. Should one find themselves in contact with a demon it would be best to ward against their chaotic and/or evil natures. With proper spells and warding your chances can improve though the magic of the first world is not easily ignored. There is also a myth about someone harnessing this affliction for themselves and becoming a demonic being without losing their life. While it might be possible there has not been anyone who has stepped up with this method who did not turn out to be a demon trickster.

Cultural Reception

Many who fight demons are said to become one, it is incorrectly assumed that everyone who displays the demonic taint become demons themselves. Instead once someone dies their souls is consumed by a demon who then is able to use some of the memories and skills of their coup.
Extremely Rare

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