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Military Encampments

Throughout the body of The Lawsworn Territory are large Military Bases with interiors consisting of businesses and homes forming communities that allow a member of Captain Lawsworn's Legion to dissociate themselves from their past life or even be born into these communities and work for the Legion as a service to their community. The happenings inside of these encampments aren't well known due to the difficult nature of getting information out of a Lawsworn soldier. Enlisting into the Legion requires either twenty years as a Lawsworn Territory citizen or parents can opt to give their newborn children in exchange for supplies or potentially a better living situation.

Purpose / Function

Military Encampments that serve as housing and training grounds for Captain Lawsworn's Legion military units. They are well fortified and also serve as strategically placed compounds for if there would ever be an uprising or potential invasion.


These colossal stone dome shaped structures are built with multiple entrances and large gate doors at the base. There are a multitude of loopholes built into the exterior walls that face both the ground and the sky. Banners that read the Tenets are hung at every entrance.
Military base / complex
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

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