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Panlong River Valley

The Panlong River Valley is a river valley in the North of Syyhan that is boardered on both sides by the Minh Mountain range. The source of the river is the Mchog Lake which is in a large basin that is the northern most region of the country. The valley is in important agricultral and resource zone supplying rice, wood, spices and other products. The spices produced here are rare and used in court kitchens and fine dining around the world. Some medicinal plants are found in this valley as well. The citzens of Syyrh that live in this dutchy of the country live mostly along the Panlong river which leads to the Panlong delta by the Sea of Syyhan. The portions of the valley that are closest to the Minh Mountains have yet to be fully expolored and documented.


The panlong river valley is just under 85 miles long, extending from the Panlong Delta along the Sea of Syyrh to the Mchong Basin.  It is a realitively narrow valley, under 35 miles wide at its widest point, with the natural borders of the East and West Branches of the Minh Mountain ranges on either side. The tall and jagged limestone mountains from a picturesque valley that houses a dense jungle along steeply graded terrain. Capturing the moist cool air in the morning, during the rainy season, the mountains are often covered in dense fog. Several streams and creek flow from the mountains into the panlong river below, all year round the valley is green due to the abundance of fresh water. In order to cultivate and settle in the valley the citzens of Syyrh have had to cut into the valley resulting in terraced towns and farms.


The valley is lively and abundant with different flora and fauna, over half of which is endemic to this region of the world. The soil is rich and supports a diverse jungle flora. The area is hot and humid for about three months out of the year. During the dry season there is hardly any rain and it is hot and dry. During the Winter months the temperature rarely drops below 60 degrees farinheight. The native jungle hardwoods are sought by several kingdoms for their palaces, public buildings, and temples. This area also supports the growth of pepper corns, vanilla and cinnamon, along with several plants that are used in medicines such as the Blue Diamond Petaled Poppy  , and the lavender centar thistle.   Aside from hardwoods, rubber and fruit trees are found in abundance in this valley. There are plants that can be used in fabric production grown in this area.   The many streams, small rivers and panlong river are home to an abundance of fish and water dwelling animals. The colloquially named dragon serpernt (a massive constrictor snake), native to Syyrh, can be found in this valley. Wyverns live here and there is an abundance of other animals in the eco system.
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Panlong Delta, Panlong Valley
River Basin
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