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Thoughts while waiting an airplane

The marble of the stairs is so white that almost blinds the people looking at it, while the new emperor climbed them, clad in a ceremonial version of a legionnair armor, with enough gold and jewels that their value alone would be enough to buy a small spaceship. The heads of the three chambers were waiting for him at the top of the stairs, one with the mantle, one with the laurel and the third with the scepter. The sun shines with such strenght that it’s clear the Air Force had some hand in this, making sure that not a single cloud could cover the coronation. The people present are silent and the only sounds are the steps of the soon to be emperor on the stairs. Those and the voice of the speaker that, in a perfect academical Latin is describing the coronation for all the citizens of the Empire that couldn’t be in Rome at the time, like me, still stuck in the Carus Lucillius Airport in Nova Eboracum because some stupid idiot decided that my baggage was going to Ierusalem. At least I got to stay in the First class room while they sorted the mess, so I’m following the coronation on my tablet instead of pressed in the mass of people that are clogging every street in Rome. While I appreciate the fact that I’m not pressed in the streets of Rome, that will probably be a mess for the next 2-3 days I still find quite irritantig that as the personal slave secretary of the head of the senate I couldn’t partecipate in one of the greatest ceremony of the last 10 years.


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