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Jabulus Family

The Jabulus family is native to the province of Bosphorus, where they possess vast tracts of land. This family is very old, in fact they often claim to be able to trace their lineage to even before the Roman conquest. However, what is certain is that the family's fortune began three centuries ago, when they supported and richly funded the revolt against the Roman Republic, allowing the restoration of the Empire and the ascent to the throne of Ailina Dociarta Caesaris Augusta, the first Empress of the seventh Roman Empire. For their support, they were named patrician, a title which they have held since with considerable honor; in fact, they gave the Empire many politicians and many victorious generals, and in the XXXI century even an Emperor, Iaromirus Jabulus Caesar Augustus. The Jabulus family has always faithfully served the empire to the best of theyr abilities, always ignoring any insinuation of behavior that is less than honest, especially with regard to its political opponents. In fact, the Jabulus family has often been accused of having created scandals against their political opponents, and, when they were not enough, to have provided for their elimination. These voices received new strength in 3199, when one of the cryosleep settlers who arrived on Palatinus revealed that he was Lucius Calpurnius, an opponent for the office of governor of the province of Arabia against Suzana Jabula, and claimed to have awakened on the planet after a dinner in the Roman palace of the Jabulus family, organized to settle the differences. Despite the family Calpurnius, also a noble family patrician, is pressing for a thorough investigation at this time very little has been done, also because there are not few that point out that Lucius aimed at the charge especially as a means to settle some of his debts , and that the light years that separate the Earth from Palatinus are also an excellent defense against creditors.


Since it's a family it doesn't have a formal structure, but the words of the patriarch/matriarch (the oldest living member who isn't affected by senility) have the most weight. Everybody else is judged based on personal results.

Public Agenda

The family's public agenda is the progress and prosperity of the Roman Empire, and shows themselves as loyal subjects of the Emperor


The Jabulus family has a lot of assets, primarly monetary assets and also lands in the Caspian Sea area.

Political, Family
Related Ranks & Titles

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