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Az (a.k.a. Azzy)

Physical Description

Body Features

Az's general appearance is very standard as far as changelings go. He's of slender build with extraordinarily pale skin and featureless eyes. His hair is best described as silvery white and falls down to his shoulders in length. In general, however, he keeps his changeling nature hidden to avoid any undue suspicion that strangers may regard him with should they be aware of his shapeshifting nature.

Chosen Appearance

Normally, Az appears as a human male of the same height but slightly more muscular build. When wearing this mask, Azzy's hair is a rich brown and his eyes are a bright, clear blue. Features such as the length of his hair and beard tend to vary depending on the situation or his surroundings. He has been known to range from cleanly put together with a cropped haircut and trimmed facial hair to overgrown and unkempt.

Special abilities

As a member of the changeling race, Azzy has developed a handful of personas, or Masks, that he has developed over time. In general, he designed these masks off of people he met in the past and utilizes them for the skills he has associated with them. Conceptually, these personas possess a depth-of-character that differentiates them from simple appearance changes, however to other changelings, Azzy is what they would consider to be a Passer.

Nilonim Vrammyr

A drow rogue and self proclaimed master thief whom Az met on the wrong side of a holding cell. This persona is eccentric and whimsical with seemingly random patterns of thought and speech. Developing this persona has given Azzy skills with thieves' tools that he can only tap into when wearing it.  

Ethel Taveril

A feeble looking, elderly human woman best described as a grumpy hag even in her best of days. Developing this persona has given Az basic skills with a herbalism kit that he can only tap into when wearing it.

Specialized Equipment

Az is in possession of a raven skull that was gifted to him by the Raven Queen upon the enacting of their pact which serves as his arcane focus. Generally, he wears it around his neck with a simple chain.

Sentinel Raven

A spirit which takes the form of a raven can usually be found perched on Azzy's shoulder or otherwise near him. While the bird himself doesn't have any distinguishing characteristics to differentiate him from any standard raven, Az usually ties a small red string around one of his legs. The raven is named Maggie, and has an uncanny preference for the title Sir.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born into a small nomadic group of changelings, Az learned very early on in his childhood what it meant to blend and adapt to the various villages and communities the group would travel through. His parents were open about their worship of The Traveler, as were the others, and Azzy too was encouraged to follow in their footsteps - which he did, having no reason to question the rules they lived by.   And so his early days are filled with memories of praying to a deity that never answered him.   It would not be until Az was thirteen, nearly an adult for his kind, that the reason for the deity's silence would become clear to him. A cloaked woman wearing gray robes with porcelain skin and eyes bluer than the ocean came to him in a dream, though to this day Az only remembers her visage and not what she said, only to wake to the surprised shouts and screams of those within the caravan. Undead had descended upon them at some hour of the night, and it was naught but divine intervention that directed Azzy with the eldritch energy bestowed unto him by his patron.   The Raven Queen.   He attempted to remain with his family after that, but things were no longer the same, and the day a raven came to his side several months down the road, Az knew there was no point in fighting the draw he felt to travel in a direction much different than the one his changeling kin were set to walk. And so he left, following the guidance of an instinct that ran within him with far more potency than the blood in his veins.   Azzy's travels have taken him many places through many wartorn battle fields and shambling villages. He follows the guidance of his patron, carrying forth her tenants to strike down the undead wherever they may be.

Personality Characteristics


For the most part, Az is driven by the whims of his patron, the Raven Queen, and very willingly so. His loyalty to his queen is what has driven him for most of his life, and therefore many of his own personal beliefs have understandably developed to fall in line with the firm beliefs of the deity. Namely, there is no greater crime than interrupting the natural cycle of life and death. Azzy hunts the undead, including those that would make them, and will stop at almost nothing to see that natural order is restored.

Virtues & Personality perks

Az is an adaptable individual having being raised in a society that deigns he always hide his true face and intentions. He is observant of others, always trying to passively take note of the mannerisms and nuances of those around him.   Even in the face of dire circumstance, Az has an uncanny tendency to remain outwardly calm. Most likely he already has an idea or two up his sleeve as to how to get out of any number of situations, but even in the occasions that he does not, there is a part of the warlock that simply refuses to panic even if his life is at stake. If asked, he'd claim it to be because he both has unshakable faith in his patron and that death is not a fate worth fretting over.   When Azzy's objective is in line with those around him, he's an extremely agreeable individual. He is very aware that the best way to get what he wants is to be well liked or perceived as generally cooperative, and given that he generally strives to fly under the radar, he tends to present himself as amicably and charitably as possible. Whether or not this warmth or care comes from any genuine part of Az, or if it's all simply an act, is a fragile line that he simply prefers to leave unquestioned.

Vices & Personality flaws

When it is clear to Azzy that it's no longer, or perhaps had never been, in his best interest to be viewed as a friendly individual, his rather cold natural demeanor will become evident. While not an outright unkind person, an Az that's uncaring of putting forth any kind of pretense has a tendency to be rather blunt and dogmatic.   He is untrusting to a fault, though it would be a mistake to assume it comes from a lack of wanting to have faith in those around him. Rather, Azzy knows (or at least thinks) that he can't truly trust others because he knows that his very race is seen as untrustworthy to begin with. The masks that he wears are more than simple physical boundaries between Az and those near him, and he finds a sense of security behind them. He's usually guilty of internalizing quite literally everything, both as a consequence of keeping everyone at arm's length as well as his fear of vulnerability.   It can also be argued that Azzy follows his patron with a blind faith. Though she has never given him any reason to doubt her, and has therefore always been deserving of the loyalty he bestows upon her, there are few lines he will not cross to please the Raven Queen - including, but not limited to, personal comfort and safety. When she has given him a clear order or nudge in any given direction, Az follows it unquestioningly, and in his eyes there is no greater crime than standing in the way of him and what the Raven Queen as governed.

Personality Quirks

When not actively in motion or performing any kind of task, Az has a tendency to stand with unnatural stillness. In fact, any mindless movement of fidgeting is a rather blatant indicator that either something is bothering him, or that he's perceived something that he can't get to the bottom of. As this isn't a mannerism that is very common, passive movement might as well be a factor of living, it's also something he lacks when wearing any one of his divergent personas.

Sir Maggie the Raven

Though they arguably are two beings of sentience independent of one another, it's worth noting that Azzy's Sentinel Raven, Maggie, can sometimes be an indicator as to the inner workings of the warlock's thoughts that he otherwise keeps tightly under wraps. An individual that has unknowingly earned Az's scorn might not notice anything different from the way that the warlock treats them, but they will notice the large black bird that's suddenly very interested in plucking hairs off the top of their head, for example.


Contacts & Relations

The Order of the Veiled Sun

An order that works in close affiliation with followers of the Raven Queen whose singular goal in most things is to stomp out all traces of the undead. Az works in affiliation with them as an individual that also sees it as his life's task to scrub the world clean of undead.

Gender Identity
AMAB Genderfluid
Pale, featureless
Silvery, usually shoulder length
Known Languages
Common, Elvish, Dwarvish, Abyssal, Sylvan
Character Prototype
Original Art by Zeilyan

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S3: the hunt begins

> vanthus vanderboren stole a lot of property from lavinia, we have to track him down to get answers - or bring him in   > first lead is a woman that lives in the dura district.   > investigation in high end tavern led to info about vanthus being seen with a woman by the name of brissa santos - a notorious pickpocket apparently turned painter   > brissa's shop was being kept by a "friend" who informed us that she and a "male companion" left town roughly a week ago but are supposed to be back. so vanthus most likely left town with her - why? where? when will they be back?   > eira inquired on a commission, left her contact information. trap set.   > went to the docks to meet with banner's fixer, mujo vex, to see if he has any leads on vanthus.   > i went into taverns with river to see if we could get any leads. none.   > shop named "it still floats!" owned by a dwarf named panchi who had a bad dealing with vanthas and a man named penkus (a bad smuggler). they bought a boat and some lanterns. we can assume there's a smuggling operation going on that he's involved in. still inconclusive.   > tailed the shopkeep watching over brissa's shop back to her place of residence. surprisngly met up with vic's wife who was in the form of a cat who informed me she was already keeping an eye on the place. she introduced herself as sky full of stars - sky.   > met up with lavinia again to bring her up to speed. she mentioned that vic had two leads, one in the cogs where he is currently and the other in tavick's landing where we're going to check since we have no other leads while we wait for either brissa to contact eira regarding her "commission" or for vic to return to the manor.

a summary of everything that happened before i started taking notes:

S5: the dead hands strike

> we get back to shore and immediately learn that the harbormaster - lord keltar islaran- was killed in his bed late the night previous   > we reported back to lavinia and showed her the letter from penkus. she revealed to us that vic discovered a connection between the dead hands and the murder of the harbormaster   > vic gave us the address to the taxedermist's hall as well as the name of the owner - yasenova borisovna   > we waited until nightfall to go scout out the taxedermist's hall but were intercepted by a team of dead hands on the way. one was killed, two escaped   > additional note to self: practice the knife trick with maggie more often

S5: smells like undead in here

> killed more undead. maggie found a huecava deep within the cavern that felled him, but that we managed to take down after much trial.   > found penkus' body. had a scroll that was his death note. vanthas betrayed him. but the poison from the huecava. alliance to the "dead hands."   > vanthas' location revealed under taxidermist.   > tattoo on penkus' shoulder was seen on some of the smugglers on the blue nixie.   > xavax found a secret room that had three chests in it.   1. filled to the brim with copper and silver coins. we should perhaps inform lady lavinia. maybe she can send banner down here to fetch it. it's far too heavy for any of us to bring back on our own. (7500 copper, 1500 silver)   2. a dozen bags. 10 of which contain gold pieces. 2 contain assorted gems.   3. several potions (3 cure light wounds, 1 invisibility, 1 lesser restoration, 1 bark skin, 1 cure serious wounds, 1 elixir of swimming - all pending changes). wand (mage armor - 11 charges). jade coffer (containg earth elemental gem).

S4: needle in the haystack

> went to tavick's landing, found no leads on our own. we were approached by a half elf individual (black shaggy hair, working hands), leather armor, named shefton. provided us with information.   > told us vanthas + penkus were in contact w/shefton who was part of a smuggling company. they went to a compound on parrot island (small island out on the river).   > apparently there were wanted posters up for vanthas which prompted him to helping us. posters are new. they're lavinia's. of course they are.   > shefton led us to parrot island and to the entrance of the compound which we were inevitably trapped in by a pair of idiots (whose heads i missed the opportunity in blowing off) courtesy of vanthas - who apparenly is aware that we are working to find him for lavinia.   > regardless, we had nothing left to do but try to find a way out of the compound.   > overall, the structural integrity of the place is bad. we fought a few gigantic crabs - the druid is proving to be exceptionally useful - and we were able to root out and kill several undead. not something i was expecting to find here, but i am becoming suspicious that their existence here and the path that led me here to destroy them were not coincidental.   > examining the undead, i was able to determine that they are pretty standard zombies, however their voracious appetites cause for caution. it would not do well to be put down while any of them still live.   > maggie has taken to imitating the incredibly loud noises that the artificer's weapons make upon discharge... this is not a particularly pleasing development.


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