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Roh Aztirg

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Roh Aztirg is a vast continent spanning the northern hemisphere of the planet Inchanta from it's north pole all the way to the equator.   To the north lies inhospitable tundra and to the south dense and dangerous jungle both teaming with monsters. Impenetrable mountains divide the continent East from West. Not much is known to this day about what lies to the west of the mountains. Courageous adventurers and intrepid explorers have ventured to cross the mountains or sail around the south of the continent, but none have returned to share their tales. One can only assume the nature of the dangers that lurk in what is commonly referred to as "The Far Away".   East of the mountains the great Hopehard Empire dominates the majority of the continent. Nearly 500 years ago the Hopehard empire rose to power with the force and will to defeat the monsters that plagued the countryside and carve out a land of peace, prosperity, and safety. Through a system of strong military, creative innovations in technology, and strategic use of magic, the Hopehard Empire has become a safehaven for members of all peaceful races.   That is, until now. Corruption has taken root in the empire like a sickness. A new emperor has risen to power amidst rumors of foul play and duplicity. This new leader, Emperor Trumpet, is seeding divisiveness and mistrust throughout the realm. His greed and self-interest have begun to weaken the power of the empire. Monsters and opportunist, emboldened by the weakening of defenses, have crept in to terrorize the countryside. Healing arts and schools are being shut down. At the same time anti Teifling policies are being implemented and hate crimes against Half-orcs are being committed.   All hope is not lost, however. A secret underground rebellion has begun to form. The Stand for Justice Resistance Force (SJRF) is beginning to take shape drawing members of all races to aid in undermining the evil doings of Emperor Trumpet. Will the SJRF succeed in saving the empire from the destruction and corruption of the evil emperor? Will the realm be restored once again to peace and prosperity? Join the resistance and find out...