Lord Caelon

Viscount Caelon (a.k.a. Lord Caelon of Ashtar, Knight Commander of the Sun, Viscount of Black Swamp.)

Sir Caelon is a beast of a man, standing nearly 6 and a half feet tall and weighing nearly 20 stones of pure muscle. He is an able leader with a good grasp of tactics and is a good rider. He wears his long blonde hair tied up behind him in a ponytail. His horse (Pride) is a large grey charger.


Caelon grew up in the little village of Ashtar near the bandit wood. He was ever a good and loving child – honest and hard working. At an early age he was sent off to the chapter house of Waymeet to be trained as a squire. He had heard of the troubles at the church of Ashtar and hoped to be sent to restore the church near the village of his birth but these choices are not his to make.  


Sir Caelon became sponsor to Lady Fortuna during her months as a squire. He has been made Knight Commander of the Northern Knights after the death in battle of his predecessor, Sir Alfred.   After the Chaos Wars he courted and eventually married Lady Fortuna. They married in 2003 and he became Lord Caelon, Viscount of the Black Marsh. In 2004 they had their first child, a son called Martin.
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