Emperor Augustus Tiberius

The current leader of the Empire of Rodinia. Tiberius is extremely aggressive and expansionist. He has continued the work of his predecessors.   Born on the 600th anniversary of the founding of the city of Rodin, Augustus Tiberius was the son of a labourer in the capital city. At a young age he joined the legions and set off to serve. His sharp intelligence meant he was fast tracked into the officer corps and became a Centurion at the age of twenty.  The next year, in 621 AR, he was part of the Legion who were right in the heart of the campaign to subjugate Dardania.  This earned him yet another promotion.   Over the coming years he toured all across the northern countries, where he was heavily involved in action against the samurai of The Empire of Honshu.  Tiberius demonstrated a superior tactical mind on the battlefield and a strategic vision which greatly impressed his superiors.     He rose further through the ranks with great speed, and was soon placed in charge of the First Legion.  This posting meant a move away from the front lines with Honshu and into more of an administrative role in the backwater countries of Nubia and Tana Toradja.  This move was facilitated by the then Emperor Maximus, who clearly saw Tiberius as a threat.  Rightly so.      In the year 657 AR, at the age of 57, Tiberius replaced Emperor Maximus, having successfully negotiated a "Vote of No Confidence" in the former Emperor; which is to say Tiberius had arranged for his assassination.  The Senate, whose role then was to vote in the successor, were all either bribed, blackmailed or intimidated into voting Tiberius into office.   undisputed
Current Location
Date of Birth
21st June 600 AR
Year of Birth
600 AR 79 Years old
Grey blue
Silver grey
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
158 lbs