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Windborne Hill Pony

Most horses are skittish and scare easy when they clearly understand they're in danger. Most animals do, even if you break them like you do an average pony. Windborne Hill Ponies? Different breed entirely, they had to be. Huge beasts, usually armored, ready to keep moving and taking commands even as glass rains down on them. Hell yeah they're a different breed. They know it too. These ponies have a look in their eyes, a power to them, knowledge. Maybe they're not much smarter than other ponies, but you get yourself a steed with that breed? You've got a companion for life. They might run from danger, but only if they know they have to. Damn things're expensive though, so if you're looking to buy, well... might wanna start saving up coins now.  


  The original ponies brought over by Epiphian settlers were nearly wiped out by the sudden threat of the glass storms. Those who did not bolt immediately were likely killed by settlers dashing to save themselves rather than their beasts. Likely dozens of horses managed to survive, however, leading to the first breed of Windborne Hill Ponies. As the various horses brought from different Epiphian countries began to intermix, particular qualities were selected for, such as height, overall constitution, intelligence, and speed. While most horses have some measure of speed, Windborne Hill Ponies were bred to be quick and hardy, capable of making decisions if their rider becomes unconscious, and remembering important locations, such as inns, healer huts, or even towns in general, in case the rider requires aid and is alone.   After centuries of breeding, the Windborne Hill Pony stands as an example of the incredible efforts of the Windborne and their determination to make life livable, even when threatened by supernatural weather.
Epiphian stock brought over by settlers, slowly bred to be larger, stronger, and much smarter than most breeds. Their manes resemble their ancestor breeds, but come in much thicker, and act almost as a protective layer against incoming threats.

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