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The currency in Rhunec is the stella. On one side is the nine stars of the city states. On the other side is the stamp or symbol of the city of origin. The origin stamps and nicknames for the resulting coins are as follows:
  • Allos - coins from Allos have the beautiful face of a lady carved on the back, taken from the likeness of woman carved into the hillside near the Platea
  • Awane - have the cherry blossom stamped on to the backs of their coins and are often called cherry stellas
  • Celletia - coins from Celletia have the three spires of the glass palace stamped on their coins, and the resulting stellas are called glass stellas
  • Krutar - the coins from Krutar are stamped with an intricate snowflake on the back, want to guess what they are called? snow stellas
  • Losla - has the tortoise patern stamped on the back of their coins and are called torty stellas
  • Rochia - has a cog stamped on the back of their stellas, inspired by the gears on the Ship Lift
  • Saku - has a massive tree stamped on the back
  • Sover - stamps their coins with a sword wrapped in dragon fire
  • Uhtal - stamps the back of their stellas with the drawing of a deepfish

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Used in transactions for goods or services.

Manufacturing process

Gold ingot is melted and poured into disk forms. The blanks were then stamped by hammer.


Across Rhunec, stellas are the main form of currency.

Origins of Stella Variations
  • Snow Stella: Krutar
  • Cog Stella: Rochia
  • Flower Stella: Awane
  • Tree Stella: Saku
  • Sword Stella: Sover
  • Rune Stella: Uhtal
  • Golem Stella: Allos
  • Glass Stella: Celletia
  • Tortoise Stella: Losa
Item type
Currency & Deeds
26.5 mm diameter, 2 mm thick, size of a US dollar coin
Base Price
1 stella = 1 stella
Raw materials & Components
1 gold ingot makes 100 stellas
forge, smithing tools

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