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Libraries are found everywhere in Rhunec. They are in every town and city in Rhunec. Depending on the culture of where they are located, they will have different books. It is possible to check out a book at one library and return it at any other library. The book will be sent back to its original home.   Everyone who checks out a book from a library needs a library card. This is how the library keeps track of who has what. The card holder is also added to the master list at the Heim Library. If a person does not return the book, they must pay for the book. Ladri mercenaries will be sent to collect the debt.   All libraries have the five basic spell books the Novice Level 1st Variations:

  • Spark
  • Water Strike
  • Light
  • Fire Strike
  • Earth Shake
  If the Library is in a Guardian Town then it will also have all Novice level books and 1st variation apprentice level book for its region.   If the Library is in a City State, then it will have all Novice and Apprentice level books for its region.   The School Library will have all Novice, Apprentice, Adept, Expert, and Master spell books for its School.   The Library at Heim has all books. Some are hidden or locked away.   Expert and Master level books are prized possessions of high level mages. They only loan them out to favorite students who have proved themselves or other master magi. They might be found on enemy magi or as rare finds in ruins or caves.


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