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It is said that it was a man named Sola who originally coined the name Zaranai for his people, which, according to him, is derived from the Ancient word for "Lords". He firmly believed that the Ancients did once exist and that it was the Zaranai's fate to take their place as Rhamas' dominant race. Sola backed up his words with many superhuman feats, rallying a large number of people to his cause. After his death, the Zaranai people fragmented as a nation and spread all over the great plains, from the northern tundras to the lush Negev delta in the south. Many tribes and nations sprung up from that once great united people, each with their own unique beliefs and identities.

Basic Information



Ecology and Habitats

Zaranai are highly capable at adaptation and have learned to live in a number of different and often inhospitable climates.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Due to the prevalence of ancestor worship among the Zaranai people, most last names (and frequently first names) are used to proudly display one's family lineage.

Major Organizations

Helvei Nation New Cult of Sola


Most Zaranai tribes are not known for their careful preservation of history, favoring a more colorful and boastful retelling of their family's personal history through unreliable oral tradition. However, most Zaranai with any knowledge of history outside of their own family tree would know about how their people were once organized by what is often called the "Cult of Sola", an unprecedentedly large group of Zaranai who followed a charismatic leader who went by the name Sola. He preached that the immortal Ancients of the past were guiding the Zaranai on a quest to become the dominant species of Rhamas. His teachings had long lasting effects, and most modern Zaranai cultures follow his teachings of Ancient worship and ancestor worship. In more recent times, Aldon Thornhall, a Helvei tribal chief has made a push for reunification of the scattered Zaranai people and has been largely successful due to his incredible charisma and battle tactics.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Those who follow the ancient teachings of Sola believe all other species to be below them, though not necessarily so much below them that they deserve mistreatment. Regardless of their following of those traditions, however, distrust of other species is common, since battles for territory and resources between them are common.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Solari, Negevi, Helvei, Madesi
80-120 years
Average Height
5-6 feet
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Skin pigmentation ranges from a nearly white, pinkinsh color to a very dark brown, depending on the geographical location of the Zaranai in question.
Related Ethnicities

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