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For eons before the other types of sentient life on Rhamas came to exist, the Ancients were. Lovers of science and knowledge, this species with a name long lost to time enjoyed an ageless and peaceful existence, which allowed them to pursue their crafts and studies to their hearts' content.

Basic Information


According to all documented history, the Ancients have a largely humanoid appearance, looking strikingly similar to the Zaranai, who claim to have descended directly from them.

Biological Cycle

The Ancients are said to be completely ageless, unaffected by the passage of time once reaching maturity.

Civilization and Culture


Little is known for sure about the life, habits, and disappearance of the mysterious Ancient people. However, the scholars of the Solari people have been able to compile an approximate history from discovered artifacts and oral traditions around Rhamas. According to the Solari, the Ancients have lived for countless ages on Rhamas, studying, learning, and creating. They, along with the ancient Silthissis created all other sentient races. Before long, however, the Silthissis became violent and turned on the Ancients, and many lost their lives. The surviving Ancients eventually bore descendants who became the Zaranai people. Some more controversial historians also claim that their decendants became the Vjor-Muin, Thyruun, and Brecar people, though these claims are largely disregarded.

Genetic Descendants
Conservation Status
All but the Zaranai and some Brecar scholars believe this Ancient ancient race of beings to have gone extinct.
Average Height
aprox. 2 m

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