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An ancient species that were contemporaries of the Ancients. Their existence is mostly documented in ancient Helra engravings and most of their known history is considered legend. Outside of the Helra and Ashna who claim them as their ancestors, most species view this borderline mythical race as monsters and use stories of their deadly powers and murderous demeanor to scare young children who misbehave.

Basic Information


Little is known about how the Silthissis actually looked, but ancient Solari documents tell stories of serpentine chimeras with wings and claws, while more academic members of the Helra believe the Silthissis more closely resembled modern Helra.

Civilization and Culture


Ancient Solari texts tell a story of the Silthissis being the progenitors of murder and destruction who engaged the Ancients in deadly combat until they were finally defeated by the hands of the Ancients. Helra texts tell a more peaceful story, claiming that Silthissis coexisted with all other species in peace until they divided into what became the Helra and Ashna. Either way, no member of this species has been seen for hundreds of years, making the true story difficult to ascertain.

Genetic Descendants

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