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Ashna are the violent cousins of the Helra people. They are similar in both biology and social structure, with their main divergence being a marked difference in their interpretation of ancient Silthissic tradition.

Basic Information


Ashna have many of the same aquatic adaptations that Helra enjoy, though they differ in their possession of thicker skin, less effective respiratory systems, and greater muscle mass.

Civilization and Culture


Hundreds of years ago, the Helra and Ashna peoples existed as one. They lived in peace along the shore of the Lago River in a city known as Bethtella. They followed the teachings that had been passed down for generations by their ancestors that governed their worship of the Creator, their family lives, and their day to day activities. However, the two species came to an impasse when it came to the interpretation of the ancient laws in regard to how certain law breakers are to be dealt with. The Helra believed that the law wanted them to banish certain wrongdoers, while the Ashna believed the correct interpretation demanded the blood of the perpetrator. This schism escalated quickly, causing the two groups to split, with the Ashna traveling south to the islands in what is now called Ashna Bay and the Helra traveling north to settle on the northern shore of Lake Isaura. Once they established their capital of New Tella on the largest island of the archipelago, they began a brutal sweep of their own people, killing any Ashna who did not wish to adhere to their religious beliefs. A few "heretics" survived, traveling to places like Rosen Port, Gassia, and Mirsethil. Once their purge was complete, the Ashna set their sights on their Helra cousins, with the deliberate goal of wiping the religious infidels off the face of Rhamas.

Genetic Ancestor(s)

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