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Wisdom Teeth

Hidden away in Reverie is a secret garden where the plants bare strange fruit. Pale and pointy, the teeth of all sorts of creatures grow as fruit within the garden.   In the center of the garden is a tree that produces a single fruit every year. The fruit comes in the shape of a human tooth. It is said that those who manage to find the garden, and swallow this tooth are granted whatever wisdom and knowledge they desire. However, this knowledge comes at a price. Whomever eats of this fruit loses their voice, preventing them from sharing whatever knowledge they learn.   Some people have travelled to this secret garden of teeth and collect the wisdom teeth to sell them at the Pearl Market.
Those who have eaten tooth of wisdom, say that eating causes a short burst of agony in their throat and forehead. Although you do lose the ability to speak, most people who have eaten the fruit simply communicate through writing,


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