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The Rod of Stars


  The Rod of Stars is a magical channeling rod made from arcecite, a renown magical conductor. It is the single largest piece of arcecite ever excavated, and was utilized as a powerful weapon by the Yoken Military during the Star God's March. Shortly after this, most of the rod was destroyed, leaving behind what is presumed to be roughly half of its total length in the hands of its creators.  
by Eskaevai




  The Rod was first discovered in the caverns of the Temple of Echoes at Great Hollow Peak after a significant earthquake opened a series of new tunnels. After its unearthing by temple acolytes, the rod was presented in its raw form to the Black Crown as a sign of Yecomo's favor and a much needed morale booster in the wake of a natural disaster.   The Emperor had the piece cut and carved into the shape of a staff between two and five feet in length.  


  The Rod of Stars served as a symbol of the Black Crown for several years and may have also been the scepter of the Emperor before being granted to the Yoken Military for use as a mage's channel for mass casting.   The magic output from the Rod was extraordinarily pure, and gave the army a terrifying power during their invasion and occupation of the Centerland. It is generally accepted that the Rod of Stars was the single most powerful force up to that point in military history, and would only be surpassed by the Staff of Heaven later in the same conflict.  


  After a weapon of similar strength was introduced to the battlefield, the Yoken were made to retreat, Aelin forces pushing them back across North Lorense. Shortly before the line would push into Ondsone itself, the Rod of Stars was captured by the advancing forces, sparking a series of hit and run conflicts with the goal of taking it back. Ultimately the rod would be broken in two with one half being recovered from the Yoken, and the other half being brought back to Mount Cain and eventually incorporated into the Staff of Heaven.  

Present Condition

  Currently, the lower half of the Rod of Stars remains in the possession of the acolytes of the Temple of Echoes where it was first discovered. The shattered weapon can be found in the main chamber of the temple vault where it remains untouched. The upper half of the staff remains lost along with the vast majority of the Staff of Heaven. Conservationists and explorers alike currently attempt to recover the missing pieces.
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