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Basic Information


Human in many respects, dwarves differ in a few interesting ways. Dwarf muscle mass and bone density are much higher then human at all levels of development, even a newborn dwarf is staggeringly heavy. Dwarves grow extremely little hair, head and body, and are born completely hairless. During early development and puberty they remain hairless, until maturing to adult hood where all hair begins to grow in, at a very slow pace compared to humans. Dwarves have been mistakenly identified as a single sex species- this is incorrect. Female dwarves exist, but aesthetically are extremely similar to males and much rarer- perhaps one in ten dwarves are female.. Due to their muscular builds and lack of obvious external breasts due to musculature, combined with their beard growth, it is extremely difficult to tell them apart discretely.

Genetics and Reproduction

Dwarves reproduce much like humans, but their gestation periods (for female dwarves) are much longer- a fetus takes an entire three years within the womb before being ready for birth. Dwarves can breed with humans to create a half breed, which is viewed as a vaguely dishonorable act within dwarven culture- the implication being that they could not find a suitable mate of their own species, or are in a rush to propagate their bloodline. Despite this, half breeds are treated fairly well and with kindness among the collective- the shame of the parent does not extend to the child.

Growth Rate & Stages

After birth dwarves mature at an accelerated pace, swelling up from a babe to adult in roughly fifteen to twenty human years, at which time they reach maturity. A mature dwarf continues to grow his entire life at a diminishing pace, and generally gains much more thickness then height, giving them very burly bulky appearances. The average matured dwarf stands roughly seven feet high, and weighs in at around four hundred pounds.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Elder worship

Facial characteristics

Strong jawed, heavy of brow with longer pointed noses- joking said to have evolved so to enable them to breath through their beard.

Average Intelligence

Dwarves are renowned for their sharpness of wit (when they bother to speak with other races) Fastidious neatness, powerful memory, and lack of interest in most forms of growth expansion or knowledge collection. They are a race that with very few exceptions are free of curiosity, content to sit back and improve what they already posses instead.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Dwarves possess all the same basic senses as humans, but are noted for being very prone to dim or weak eye sight, and unusually sharp of hearing. Many contest if this is an actual biological difference, or simply the result of the environments they live in.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Tend towards names that invoke metals, minerals or anatomy. Modern dwarves in contact with humans adhere to this less rigidly.


Have lived in the mountains beneath Dragonspine for as long as any history records. According to their own ill kept history books, they tunneled up from the heart of the earth in search of air, after their own began to run sour, before breaking out into the cold overworld, which they call the "sky."
200-700 years
Average Height
6.5 feet to unlimited- The tallest/oldest dwarf on record being a full ten feet tall.
Average Weight
An undernourished younger dwarf may weigh 200 pounds and over, a mature adult weighs in at around 400 to 500, and elders can be up to 800+ pounds.
Average Physique
Very muscular.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Off white creams down through the spectrum of browns and caramel tones.

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