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Reath is a plain between worlds, a sleepy dream of dead and forgotten Gods.   Above, crashing steel and hissing steam propel speed of light warfare as the Gods clash, locked in unending battle for the cosmos- Below, demons of all breed, kith, kin, clan and kind crawl, populating the infernal brass city, where water is more precious then diamonds, and life as worthless as ash, in the vast oceans a God spawned from the dreaming mind of a child shudders its last breath, betrayed by its people- it's death signaling the beginning of the end of their world. In the center of it all, men guard the sacred ringed city, a bright colorful desert metropolis built around tombs more ancient then even they know, guarding a monstrous secret...   In the far north, a guild of sorcerers plots their ascendancy, to the south, dragons of legend clash and rend the earth with their claws and breath, to the east a wretched decayed keep molders in the mist, as things from another world slowly snake into its forgotten halls.   Any direction one could look, this world promises adventure, glory, excitement- its not hard to see why such a large population of adventurers comb its dusty coves, plump the forests heart and trek across its howling tundras. Not that barely any ever accomplish their lofty goals and dreams- being an adventurer is an uncomfortable brutish and short life, filled with wet soaking bedrolls, tooth rattling frosted mornings, sunbrunt necks and weeks of quarter rations. Most abandon the life with lighter pockets, holes in their clothes and a rusty sword to show for it, becoming messengers, mail men and caravan guards.