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Anakos, God of might

And in those days, they grew proud. He looked on himself as a conqueror, and he looked on others as weak- except when glory was to be had by destroying others, then they sung the praises of their enemy. And as blood soaked the earth, and all peoples sang their songs of war and death, judgement and valor, they looked up to the heavens, and a God looked back.   Shining black, iron clad and silver, wreathed in fire, lightning, clouds and fog, Anakos struck across the land, and his passing was as thunder- Forests were blown down, seas boiled, countries directly beneath him were as salted ash. And the people looked on him and said, 'This is a God we might worship, and not be ashamed.'   But Anakos said nothing, and rejected them- He was not a God from our plain, and the weakness of the masses disgusted him. When they came to the still smoking ruin where he had landed, and offered up fruit and fattened calves, cut themselves and sing songs, he scorned them, and divine fear focused to a beam of light flashed through the masses scorching through flesh and bone like a knife.   And the people cursed his name then, and they left him and said 'This is no God of ours!' And Anakos responded for the first time, in laughter. 'I am a god of might.' His words were like the breaking of stones and tearing of steel, and men bled on hearing it. 'Those who are victorious are my chosen. Those who have taken a life. Those who survive war, and bring it again on another people. A champion can not exist, without something to champion over."   And he left them then, ascending to the heavens with a roar that shook bone.   -"Modern Gods and their origins", by Lancaster Schreid

Divine Domains

War, Power, Might, Conflict

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The iron cross- A corrupted image that none understand the significance of, metal poles with stubs near one extremity like a swords cross-guard have come into popularity as a charm of Anakos, after a famous historical mural was unearthed depicting them attached to his body.

Tenets of Faith

Might is the only virtue.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Victory in The Final War.

Divine Classification
The Iron Order

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