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Spells by Guild Tables

Tables listing the spells granted by each guild background

Azorius Guild Spells

Spell LevelSpells
Cantripfriends, message
1stcommand, ensnaring strike
2ndarcane lock, calm emotions, hold person
3rdclairvoyance, counterspell
4thcompulsion, divination
5thdominate person

Dimir Guiild Spells

Spell LevelSpells
Cantripencode thoughts, mage hand
1stdisguise self, sleep
2nddetect thoughts, pass without trace
3rdgaseous form, meld into stone, nondetection
4tharcane eye, freedom of movement
5thmodify memory

Orzhov Guild Spells

Spell LevelSpell
Cantripfriends, guidance
1stcommand, illusory script
2ndenthrall, ray of enfeeblement, zone of truth
3rdbestow curse, speak with dead, spirit guardians
4thblight, death ward, Leomund's secret chest

Selesnya Guild Spells

Spell LevelSpells
Cantripdruidcraft, friends
1staid, animal friendship, charm person
2ndanimal messenger, calm emotions, warding bond
3rdplant growth, speak with plants
4thaura of life, conjure minor elementals
5thawaken, commune with nature

Rakdos Guild Spells

Spell LevelSpells
Cantripfire bolt, vicious mockery
1stburning hands, dissonant whispers, hellish rebuke
2ndcrown of madness, enthrall, flaming sphere
3rdfear, haste
4thconfusion, wall of fire
5thdominate person

Golgari Guild Spells

Spell LevelSpells
Cantripdancing lights, spare the dying
1stentangle, ray of sickness
2ndprotection from poison, ray of enfeeblement, spider climb
3rdanimate dead, plant growth
4thgiant insect, grasping vine
5thcloudkill, insect plague

Each guild spellcaster's magic usually takes on some sort of imagery or energy associated with the guild's image and colors. These types of spell effects and certain examples can be found within each guild's article under the Guild Spells sections. RE: Look I'm very lazy and formatting is hard.

Prerequisite: Spellcasting or Pact Magic class feature
For you, the spells on your associated guild's table are added to the spell list of your spellcasting class. (If you are a multiclass character with multiple spell lists, these are added to all of them.)

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