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Precinct Two

Small houses, modest apartments, and commercial shops are sprinkled throughout Precinct Two, a place that law enforcement officers, lawyers, retired soldiers, and well-off working families call home. Corner shops cater to everyday needs, and many establishments are run by ex-soldiers. Streets are kept tidy, and buildings are maintained to be serviceable. Under the precinct’s urbane veneer, tension simmers between law officers and the opportunistic crime families who call this precinct home.

The folk who live in this precinct believe in performing civic duties, conforming to your role, and maintaining strong friendships and family ties. Good neighbors show respect to one another and enjoy competing among themselves to achieve greater successes.

Affiliated Guilds

New Prahv, the Azorius Senate guildhall, is located at the eastern end of the precinct, and many residents work there. Some active officers and retired soldiers from the Boros Legion make their homes in this precinct. The Orzhov Syndicate has a presence here through its connections to many of the small businesses.

Neighborhoods and Landmarks

Most of Precinct Two is occupied by small commercial centers and rows of simple houses. It is populous but not stiflingly so.

New Prahv

The tallest structure in the Tenth District, the austere New Prahv consists of three towering columns, reminding everyone of the omnipresence of the Azorius Senate. Each column serves as the headquarters for one of the three branches of the senate. Inside, spacious chambers on the lower floors give way to a host of offices upstairs where day-to-day assignments are issued and the strategy of maintaining law is continually honed.


Whitestone is an orderly neighborhood on the northern side of the precinct, named for its rows of alabaster stone houses. It was built up by the Azorius to serve as a housing zone for many who work in New Prahv. To meet the demands of construction, many residents of this section of the city had to be relocated to the much more densely populated Griffin Heights.

Griffin Heights

Two-story houses are nestled in the rolling hills of this neighborhood in the southern section of the precinct. Griffin Heights is rife with corruption, and less scrupulous government officials exchange information and money with the Orzhov in business establishments here. The locals are fiercely loyal to the Orzhov knights who watch over them, dutifully paying their protection fees.

Augustin Station

The main airship station for the Tenth District, Augustin Station is located at the western end of Griffin Heights. Travelers from all over Ravnica are carried in various forms of air travel: from gondolas hung from giant balloons to compartments strapped to the backs of enormous floating beasts bred by the Simic Combine. Augustin Station has twenty platforms, with flights arriving and leaving at all hours. The most popular flight is to the Millennial Platform, a journey that costs 5 sp per passenger. Other flights carry passengers to smaller stations in each precinct of the Tenth District (1 gp), to large stations in each other district (10 gp), and to various other stations around the world (1 gp per mile).

Statue of Agrus Kos

A ten-foot-tall granite statue of a Boros Legion soldier stands in a small park in Whitestone, surrounded by weatherworn tables. During the Decamillennial Celebration seventy-six years ago, Agrus Kos became a hero by foiling various schemes to undermine the Guildpact. His statue has become a social gathering point for war veterans, mob contacts, and spies who talk as they play various strategy games.

Goods and Services

Most any sort of merchandise can be acquired from some shop in Precinct Two. Former soldiers and ex-adventurers run many of the businesses here, and weapons and armor are commonly available in Griffin Heights. Meals and lodging are often of modest or comfortable quality in this precinct, which has lots of boarding houses instead of inns. Corner taverns are frequent and serve as the centers of neighborhood society.

The people who live in Precinct Two aren’t fond of people who don’t fit in with them, and that includes those of both higher and lower means. People who don’t maintain at least a modest lifestyle are viewed as lazy and undesirable, and those who aspire to a wealthy or aristocratic lifestyle are seen as arrogant snobs. At the DM’s discretion, adventurers in either category could have disadvantage on Charisma checks when interacting with residents of Precinct Two.

Law and Crime

Many citizens in Precinct Two work for the Azorius, but others feel stifled by the guild’s intrusive presence under the shadow of New Prahv. Most residents respect order, but some rely more on Orzhov protection than on Azorius law. Almost everyone here knows someone who is trained in the use of weapons. The typical response to a reported crime is about 2d6 minutes, and the squad consists of two Azorius soldiers or 1d6 Orzhov thugs (from the Monster Manual).

The organized crime elements of the neighborhoods are locked in a power struggle against law enforcement officials. This conflict rarely manifests in open violence, but often antagonists “disappear” or “have an accident.” Overt violent crimes sometimes involve ex-soldiers who have been psychologically scarred by past battles.

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