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Precinct Four

Few days or nights pass quietly in Precinct Four. The frequent din of battle as Boros soldiers guard against Gruul marauders, the strange sounds of volatile magic emanating from Izzet experiments, and the occasional explosive flare-ups of goblin gang wars keep the precinct a dynamic and dangerous place. Its buildings include ramshackle tenements damaged by conflict, impregnable fortresses and laboratories, and bustling markets filled with merchants ready to defend themselves and their wares.

The people of Precinct Four are always ready for a fight. Being able to defend oneself and adapting to change are the most important qualities in this precinct. Good neighbors are your battle mates when you’re fighting for your home or your life.

Affiliated Guilds

The Boros Legion’s guildhall fortress, Sunhome, is located here, and that guild is the heart of the precinct’s defense against the savage forces that come from the northern rubblebelt. The Izzet League often likes to test its latest experiments in this precinct. Its guildhall, Nivix, towers over the south end. The Gruul Clans frequently raid into the rest of the precinct from the rubblebelt in the north. The Cult of Rakdos delights in sowing mayhem here, stoking the fires of conflict and gathering inspiration for future performances.

Neighborhoods and Landmarks

Precinct Four is home to a wide range of folk, most of whom are used to fighting for a living. Transients, soldiers, goblin gang members, and hardy merchants call this precinct home.


The seat of the Boros Legion’s power, the guildhall known as Sunhome is an imposing structure that serves as a fortress, barracks, and spiritual center. It is widely believed to be impregnable and serves as a reminder to attackers from the north of the strength of Boros resolve.


One of the tallest towers in Ravnica, this impressive structure crackles with the wild power of the Izzet and serves as their guildhall. Filled with laboratories, testing facilities, and housing for their inventors, Nivix is the center of Izzet innovation.

Red Wastes

The rubblebelt to the north is a wasteland filled with ruins, gutted buildings, and debris-ridden streets. Aside from the Gruul Clans, the only citizens who live in the neighborhood are the ones too stubborn to move away. The Gruul share the space with ferocious beasts, elementals, and other monsters.

The Bulwark

The neighborhood between Sunhome and Nivix is filled with reinforced structures that serve as low-rent apartments and shops. Those who live in the Bulwark are mainly workers or professionals who see opportunity in supporting the Boros garrison.


The Gruul Clans periodically converge on the gutted, cratered remains of a huge palace in the Red Wastes where a great bonfire perpetually burns. Skarrg is the closest thing the Gruul have to a guildhall—a place where their clans can come together, roast giant boars, boast of their exploits, and form something akin to camaraderie before they go their separate, violent ways. It’s not neutral ground, though—old grudges frequently boil over into combat. Outsiders are never welcome.

Goods and Services

Precinct Four has a wide variation in available goods, depending on the neighborhood. There is little or no commerce in the Red Wastes, except for what can be bartered with Gruul clansfolk or scavenged. The Bulwark carries many basic goods and services, with weapons and armor plentiful due to the constant threat of conflict and the nearby foundries in District Six. On Tin Street, almost anything is available for a bit of searching and the right price.

The precinct offers a wide range of food and lodging, appropriate for lifestyles from squalid to wealthy. The more affluent folk of the precinct are careful not to flaunt their wealth, lest they make themselves targets for raiders from the Red Wastes.

At the DM’s discretion, adventurers who maintain either a squalid or aristocratic lifestyle could have disadvantage on Charisma checks when interacting with residents of Precinct Four.

Law and Crime

Much of Precinct Four is a war zone, and mundane methods of law enforcement aren’t always effective in such an environment. No one takes the constant patrolling of the Boros Legion as a guarantee of their safety, and almost all folk know how to fight to some degree. Typical threats include giant monsters, unstable elementals, and Gruul raiding parties, and a curfew system is often instituted when a neighborhood is beset by one of these dangers. The only area that is usually safe from external threats is Tin Street. Petty crimes aren’t given much attention, since the soldiers are primarily concerned with curbing violence and mayhem. The typical response to a reported crime or a dangerous threat is 1d8 minutes, and the squad consists of a Boros Legion knight (from the Monster Manual) leading 4d4 soldiers.

The Red Wastes is a lawless region mostly beyond the reach of Boros patrols and Azorius laws. In other parts of the precinct, goblin gangs shake down locals whenever possible and skirmish against each other over turf. The Shattergang Brothers are a notorious goblin gang that haunts Tin Street in this precinct, dealing in weapons and explosives.


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