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House Dimir Rank and Renown

For those of the Dimir Operative Background

As you gain renown within House Dimir, you will be rewarded with missions of increasing importance. No formal ranks exist for you to progress through, but certain thresholds of renown indicate improvements in your standing within the guild. Perhaps most important, according to the philosophy of House Dimir, higher standing brings greater knowledge of the inner workings of Ravnica and the guild. At the start of your career, your orders include step-by-step instructions—or they consist of just a single task. You receive these instructions from your guild contact.

Independent Agent

Prerequisite: Renown 3 or higher in House Dimir

As an independent agent, you have considerable latitude in the way you choose to implement your mission goals. You acquire a spies’ murmur (described hereWIP)—a magic device that allows you to communicate telepathically with other Dimir agents who wear similar items. If this item is lost or destroyed, it’s up to you to secure a replacement.

Collector of Secrets

Prerequisite: Renown 10 or higher in House Dimir

By the time you reach this level of renown in House Dimir, you are amassing a significant collection of secrets about the people and places around you. You know the location of a hidden safe house where you can take shelter in case of dire need. At the DM’s discretion, you might also know (or be able to find out) a secret about a person or group who lives or operates in a neighborhood you’re familiar with. The secret is typically a person’s flaw or details about a dark episode in a group’s past. Whatever it is, the secret is a weakness that can be used to manipulate the person or group to assist you or your associates. In addition, you gain a Dimir charm (described in Guild CharmsWIP) at the start of each mission you undertake on the guild’s behalf.

Inner Circle

Prerequisite: Renown 25 or higher in House Dimir

At this level of renown, you are responsible for coordinating the activities of several other Dimir agents. You still receive orders from the usual source, but you’re given broad goals and wide latitude in how to carry them out, including delegating specific tasks to other Dimir agents of lesser renown. You are also increasingly trusted with important secrets.

Guildmaster’s Confidant

Prerequisite: Renown 50 or higher in House Dimir

Few members of House Dimir ever encounter Lazav, and those who do are often unaware that they are dealing with the guildmaster. You have been admitted to his circle of confidants. He has entrusted you with a wide network of Dimir agents under your command, but you also bear tremendous responsibility for the success of the missions they undertake.

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