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Vance Hellsing

Sir Vance Hellsing

The charismatic and outspoken leader of the Resistance. A former Kingsgaurd, Vance defected and organized the scattered rebels into a cohesive - and successful - military unit.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Vance Hellsing was born the youngest son of the royal family's personal blacksmith, and he spent his whole life seeking a way to advance his power through his father's connection to the king. Decades passed and all he got was a low-ranking position in the Kinsgaurd, but Vance saw his chance when word of rebellion against the new king began to spread. When fighting broke ought Vance defected and declared himself commander of the Resistance, and he quickly gained their support with his military tactics and insider knowledge on the Kingsgaurd.


Trained under the best generals in the Kingsguard


Spent some years working for his father as a blacksmith before joining the military

Personality Characteristics


To take down King Harold and put a king selected by the people on the thrown


Family Ties

His father has been the royal family's blacksmith for years. Vance had met the royal family countless times before he defected, and his family still remains on their side to this day.

Current Location
Mount Gorn
Year of Birth
637 (48 years old)
Circumstances of Birth
The youngest son of the king's personal blacksmith
Aligned Organization
The Resistance

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