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In a world of swords and sorcery it's swords vs sorcery.   The once prosperous kingdom of Ravnica is now ravaged by a bloody civil war. At the heart of the conflict is King Harold the 6th of House Raven, who was thrust onto the throne following the death of his father despite his youth and unpopularity amongst the people. Small rebel groups began to form across the land, but they were no match for the kings forces. However, a decree allowing the free use of magic in Ravnica led the resistance to become more organized under the rule of former Kingsguard Vance Hellsing. Now the tides of war have shifted, and what was once an assured victory for the long-reigning House Raven doesn't seem so certain any more.   For now, the fate of Ravnica is uncertain. But some fuckers might throw a wrench in everything.