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Tanpat the Fat

Early years: I was born by accident, so my parents always hated me. I couldn't relate to my siblings because of the age difference, but there was no beef.   Teen years: I practiced pickpocketing on the naive people who traveled through Greenest, such as heroes and traveling merchants. I was a lone wolf.   Adult years: After my pickpocketing days I settled down and became a carpenter. I got a wife and a baby girl. Me and my wife divorced after 50 years. That's when I ditched town.   Leaving Greenest: I decided to leave town as I had no bonds left. I traveled up the Sword Coast as a nomad, staying only a short time, longer if a certain escort caught my fancy. Eventually, I became bored of this life, and this was the perfect time for an exciting musical movement to sweep me off my feet.   The Summer of Bagpipes: I fell in love with Bagpipe music, even playing a bit myself. It was a crazy summer of free love and bagpipes and it made me decide to reconnect with my family. I went back to Greenest, only to find it beseiged by the rebels. I was panicked, but luckilt I picked up on Quator's trail and followed all the way North.

Year of Birth
355 AR 330 years old

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