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The House of Judgement

"They claim they are the arbiters! Like they have the authority! Justice? Pfah! Not out there. Out there, 'justice' is whatever you want it to be. Out there, 'justice' doesn't exist. Only the whims of petty warlords. You must look to better men for true justice. And there are none of those left in this cursed land."   --The Judge



First of its Kind, Only of its Kind

  In Ravengrin today, to say that concepts of law, justice, and fairness have been skewed would be an understatement of cosmic hilarity. Even the self-proclaimed righteous proponents of Morsis, his tenets of honor and honesty, are corrupt, far from being paragons of truth, let alone virtue.   Yet, in these days, one beacon of true justice has been founded.   What once began as the activity of a vigilante known as The Judge has, in recent years, factionalized into an establishment based in Lycanfaust known as the House of Judgement. There, lawbreakers from all over Eitridea are brought to justice, sentenced and punished for their crimes. From the pettiest thief to the most infamous criminals, the House of Judgement counts no transgression of the law too little.  

Divinely Sanctioned

  The House of Judgement would not have become the establishment it has without external support. Because of the House's cause, the followers of Morsis were quick to gravitate towards it, providing it with monetary, military, and above all, commercial aid. As a result of the two factions' alliance, the House has gained in publicity and popularity since its founding.  

Post Eitridea

  Since the death of Yaeza, the House's prevalence has increased dramatically.   Its cause, on the other hand, has deteriorated.   When it was founded, the House's motive was legitimately just, as it was intended. As was inevitable with its increase in popularity, however, the integrity of the faction has decreased. The establishment has become far more corporal and political, far more easily swayed by bribery, far more reliant on the "donations" of so-called generous benefactors. Amidst the judges themselves, there is a slow but steady increase in the level of corruption. The Judge himself, the House's founder, rarely makes an appearance.  

Structure and Function

  The House of Judgement is a massive structure, built into the southwestern face of the circular cliff structure that Lycanfaust is built in. With a single massive central courtyard, the House of Judgement is not just its own establishment, but home to dozens of smaller businesses and purveyors.   The actual main structure of the House is also quite large, housing multiple Judgement Halls, where both individuals and groups are sentenced. These Halls are of varying size and importance, depending on the significance of the individuals being judged. Beneath the main structure is an extensive array of dungeons, some of which are well-kept, but with most being filthy, sometimes in the same state they were before they were repurposed from unused sewers. The House of Judgement is also home to living quarters for its caretakers. It possesses all of the necessary facilities for them, including sleeping areas, a dining hall and kitchen, multiple cellars, a library, and extensive lavatories. In all, the house is nearly as large as the Palace Fortress in the north of the city.

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