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Karvosta Van

Van "Ebon" Karvosta (a.k.a. The Nightraider)

"Listen to me, girl. You're an idealist, and I respect that, but in this world, idealism gets you nowhere. Look at the land, an' tell me I'm wrong. No. If you want to make the world a better place, good on you, but stop trying. In this age, your best shot is taking what you need and living by it. Surviving. That's the best you can hope for. Believe me, I know."   --The last words of Karvosta Van, as he lay dying from Cliff Blight poison. Spoken to his daughter.

Outlawed Before His Time

  In the year that Yaeza The Tyrant came to power, she disbanded the The Wyrmsguard, the noble dragonborn platoon thought by so many to be invincible. These one-time warriors, now turned outcasts, fled east, back towards their homeland in the Skymeet Isles.   Karvosta Van was not one of these pariahs.   He was running from Eitridea long before any of his kin.   Born to two dragonborn of little repute, Karvosta Van was left alone on the streets of Coldtail, where the relations between the native dragonborn and the Eitridean occupiers was strained at best. Karvosta was quick to gain renown, first as a street thief, later as the head of a small but potent thieves' guild. After escaping the ire of law enforcement multiple times, he fled to the sea as part of a pirate crew.  

The Nightraider

  Karvosta Van disappeared for a decade. In that time, Yaeza rose to power, dragon-kin were outcast.   In those days, rumor began to spread of a group of mercenaries, monster slayers, and highwaymen known as the Vassals. They gained fame for destroying several large barbarian clans, hunting down some of the last dragons, as well as being largely responsible for the sacking of Castle Wren.   The leader of this group was Karvosta Van, who called himself the Nightraider. He gained fame as one of the most skilled swordsmen in the land, ruthless and vicious, but noble and fair. Among other things, he antagonized Yaeza the Tyrant. This antagonism would eventually lead to his death.  


  Karvosta Van was known to have an outward demeanor of carefree-ness, a mask of charisma and nonchalance. Beneath, he is widely known - and feared - for his savagery and ruthlessness.
Year of Death
309 ALF
Circumstances of Death
Executed by Yaeza, the Last Empress, via Cliff Blight poison
Orange, luminous
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Black, streaked with white and gold

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