Kindle Cloth

Penned by Elias Dods.


Kindle cloth is a surprisingly lightweight but tightly woven fabric with a natural orange tint manufactured only in the Throat of the World. The cloth has an inherent stiffness and is tightly woven together into thick sheets to keep out the biting wind of the mountains. The fabric lacks any stretch or elasticity but is very absorbent and remains strong even when soaked. Kindle cloth does suffer in its durability, often requiring repairs and replacement as heavy use wears away the woven fibers.


Kindle cloth is made from the strands extracted from the Ember Blossom commonly found in the Throat and mixed with either cotton or wool. Extracting the fibers from the blossom's stem requires a complex process of scraping, pounding, heating, and washing. Because of this, it is a process few can undertake in the north. Even those that live farther south do not attempt to produce Kindle Cloth because of this expensive process. Along with this, the plant is difficult to acquire so far from its source.
Kindle cloth, when woven into clothing, offers excellent protection from the icy cold of the mountains with even the lightest of robes. The clothing's magical ability to repel the cold and warm the body is a blessing in the north. Even a lightweight tunic made of kindle cloth can prove quite comfortable on the snowy slopes of the mountains. The process used to create kindle cloth was first discovered by the monks of the Unseen Temple and remained one of their central trade goods. Though Garkith may be superstitious of the plant it comes from; they treasure kindle cloth as a luxury affordable for only the most elite in their society.

General Information

Kindle cloth naturally has a soft orange hue to it but is often died in bright and vibrant colors.

Common Uses

Kindle cloth is most well known for its common use in clothing but is also quite popular as bedding and in the creation of shelters. Though among the humans of the north, it is a treasured commodity, the Garkiths treat this warm fabric as if it were fit for only royalty.

Diminishing Warmth

The warming effects of kindle cloth are not indefinite; regular care and repair of the textile will prolong the effect, but over time kindle cloth will slowly lose its warming aura. This process can often take years and is more noticeable in cloth that experiences particularly large amounts of wear and tear or contact with the icy chill of the mountains.

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