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Ice Vine

This devilish plant has been responsible for the deaths of at least a half dozen of my traveling companions and has even nearly killed me on more than one occasion. The Ice vine, also known as the Infernal vine is notorious for its deadly nature. This nearly translucent plant grows deep beneath the frozen soil, forcing up tendril-like vines that seek out sources of heat. The plant survives by devouring the heat of creatures and notably the heat produced by an Ember blossom. The Ice vine hides amongst the lush life that blooms around Ember blossoms, waiting for prey to consume. Many who die to Ice Vines spend their last moments in the icy chill of its embrace, strangled in the freezing cold. The Northmen and Goliath use the vine to make a strong rope that grows stiff and hard with the cold but flexible with the application of heat.


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