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Cobash Root

The Cobash root is an uncommon root vegetable that grows beneath a leafy, rose-colored sprout. The rough, pink bulb only grows in the low valleys in the foothills of the Throat where the ice and snow recede to allow for a meager spattering life to claw its way from the desolation. Many wealthy families in the south seek the Cobash root as a local delicacy and the trade of it is a closely guarded trade of the largest Goliath tribes. I personally find the root to be far too sweet and dense for my taste but am told that when properly prepared they can be euphoric4. A popular festival treat in Seawatch is Cobash Candy, a hard candy concocted from a mixture of rendered Cobash root and sugarweed. Served warm with Blackwood syrup, this delicious treat is a favorite among children and costs a mere pittance. The most popular purveyor of these confectionary treats, Jogi Jogi's, makes a killing during the city's biennial festival of lights. A daylong extravaganza of scientific marvels, displays of magic, and the movement of vast hordes of wealth from one hand to another.


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