Ageless Sirenas

The Tale

Long ago, in a city deep within the Blacksea there was a grand Magus by the name of Omulus. This Magus had a great fortune, powerful magic, and even the respect of the King. But what he did not have was eternal life. For you see, back then Sirenas grew old long before they died. Withering away like fish left in the sun, slowly losing their minds and bodies to Lady Death.
The great Omulus told the King that he was to search out a cure for death so that their people may rule forever without the Lady's Price. With the King's blessing, Omulus then searched Ravare far and wide.
  First, he searched the seas -- no luck.  
Then, he searched the jungles -- no luck.
Then, he dared search the mountains, -- still, no luck.
Finally, having nearly given up his search after so many years, the great Omulus began his search through the salt-crusted desert known now as the Parched Expanse. This was before the Greenfolk had been banished and the land was under the control of countless elementals of salt, sand, and storms. One of these such creatures, known as the Genie Risaaf, was said to have the power to do what Omulus wished.
Luckily for the great Omulus, this Genie was trapped within a magical vessel, and when he was freed offered the Magus a single wish, claiming that no wish was too small. Omulus spoke out to the genie in a commanding voice,
I wish for the Sirenas to never age into death.
Risaaf was stunned by the request, knowing full well it was far too great, even for him. He had no power over Lady Death. But an oath is a powerful thing to an elemental, so the Genie told Omulus to return home to his King , and that his wish would be granted by the time he returned home.
Knowing how strong the oath was, Omulus agreed to return home. The two departed ways, Omulus to the sea and Risaaf to the dark places of Ravare. When the Genie finally found his way to Lady Death's domain, he discussed with her the request of the Sirena Magus, offering her a bargain he knew she would agree to.
The Genie would revoke his power to bring the dead back to life if she would remove her Price from the Sirenas. She agreed at the same time that Omulus returned home to his King.
Nearly a fourth of the Sirena people died on that day. Their deaths quick, nearly painless, and unavoidable. Any Sirena that reaches its 100th year dies within a week. These days, you will never see an old Sirena; any Sirena that reaches its hundredth year will die within a week. And that is why you should never make a deal with an elemental.

General Information

This tale is one told mostly to Sirena children and sometimes to those living against the Blacksea. You may choose to know this tale at your discretion.
Date of Setting
Near the dawn of Sirena civilization.
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