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Guardians of the Mind crystal

Incepted by Purple

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Anlin Folij Yuril

Family names

Ackm Vernam Frak'ut Opeut

Other names

The keepers


Beauty Ideals

Mandek, male Mandekin , prefer partners with round bulbous heads, big black eyes , the deeper the better ,long dainty arms with fingers a 3rd as long and hips to die for.

Gender Ideals

Mandek are considerd to be the heads of a household but there are cases of Mankin, the feminine of mandekin, being family heads. One such case is House Vernam, which has been headed by manken in recorded history, and, where the mandekin are considered, that's saying something.

The mandekin as a people have a semi-patriarchal society, that is to say mandek have a higher voice than mankin and they make most of the decisions. Like with humans, mandek are the primary providers, bread winners of sorts, hunters, fighters, explorers and minders. This isn't to say that mankin are mistreated but quite the opposite, they are treated with reverence by their counterparts and are guarded jealously by their partners. You see mandekin have a very low birthrate, long pregnancies and very few female births. If not for them having incredibly long lives they would have long faced extinction.

Mankin are basically forbbiden from leaving Antak, while it isn't part of their laws it is known, and they themselves do not want to leave.Content in spending their days buried in books,they do not share their counterparts thirst for exploration ... mandek are fine with that.

Courtship Ideals

Due to the nature of their powers (mental stuff), Mandekin have very high standards for their partners' IQ with both sexes preferring accomplished and well known partners. This makes it so that most mandekin would remain single for decades, still holding out for that one super intelligent, big headed,well established mandekin that they would devote themselves to.

The courtship process itself is beautifully weird. Since mandekin, as a people, have this weird aversion to vocal speech preferring to use their mind mojo (telepathy). Mandek present themselves as witty, quick thinkers who can safely travel the world in search of knowledge, to mankin (or dependable, well established master keepers). Mankin present themselves as well refined, classy creatures which are loyal and can devote themselves to one partner.

The courtship is customarily very long, reaching close to a decade of nothing but getting to know each other. (And yes, virginity is a big thing for Mandekin). Being incredibly particular about their partners, Mandekin would rather spend all that time getting to know each other than commit themselves to the wrong partner. But, as is oft the case, even with such a long time of courtship one can still be hoodwinked by their partner and trapped in a love less marriage (Mandekin don't do divorce.)

Major organizations

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