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Rasandei, 83rd of Autumn, 3421 FE

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Rania is a world steeped in myth and magic. A thriving multi-continental world with a vast array of humanoid ancestries and cultures, history both recorded and shrouded in mystery, where the gods once walked and in their wake, left behind the aetherweave, which people have spent aeons learning how to tap into for their own use.   Not all can boast a solid grasp of the arcane forces that shroud Rania, however, and this has bred tensions among various factions, with those who believe that magic should be open to all, and those who demand it be available only to the elite few. With this strain upon the powers of the world and darker forces on the rise, many a battle has been fought to gain power, wealth, land, knowledge, and pride.   In more recent years, the Mages of Fyrendorei and their connected organisations have opened the arcane up to the common folk, creating an era of relative ease that has led to a fairly long period of time of peace. Festivals are celebrated, new towns emerge, and the economy is at an all-time high. There are still those who suffer, no amount of magic could ever bring a complete end to that, but life is good for most.   Still, there are always things that lurk in the dark and seek to find a way into the light, and those who would pervert this era of peace for their own gain. That is just how the wheel of history turns.  
Rania is my high fantasy, high magic world built for storytelling and Dungeons & Dragons. I am currently running a 5e campaign with four friends and building the world around them, sharing what I can on this profile. My maps are made using Inkarnate.