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The Day of Fallen Sky

It is this day we look to the skies and remember...  

The Moon's Cry

  Long ago, far upon the last age, our tired old gods - whether in a fit of rage, despair, or pure ennui - brought upon a disasterous fate upon the planet. Two moons had long held firm in the sky above. But with the plotting of ill-begotten mages of the fey, these fools empowered by gods sought out a plot to change the celestial landscape forever. With their powers that be, they set upon the God of the Moon, courting the sisters, molding them into a new image, and corrupting their purity. With a foul plot, the beings were able to gather their strength by deceiving a troop of innocent companions. When a trap was set, a false saint and dreamwalking elf fell straight in, lured by the promise of opportunity. This was the spark that ended the world.   The Arbor - old god of Nature, Fey, and Earthly ways - was ripped from this planet. Corrupted as it was, The Arbor's influence was robbed from the world. Forests began to whither and never recover, and beasts and fey became out of sorts. Their lack of influence meant that The Arbor could no longer speak to The Core. The Sea spoke to the moon, but The Sea was always tempetuous, and a slave to The Moon's will, and The Core remained bitter rivals to the sisters who danced freely in the cosmos. Without The Arbor, there was none who could sway the Moon to its senses.   And so it was, as the fey witches began to draw more energy from The Arbor in its weakened state, they bended these energies to The Moon. This fouled The Moon, corrupting it with a rot of fiendish abominations which hadn't been seen in time immemorial, only later known as The Gloom.   As The Gloom amassed on The Moon, The Moon grew heavy. With only the intrepid skill of a small set of adventurers seeking to fight these fey witches, The Arbor was sought back to restoration. Summoning Yggdrasil, the World Tree, the adventurers of The Watch summoned this majestic legend, and with it, the return of The Arbor to its full strength.   But the deed was done: the corruption of The Moon was already complete. Of the two moons, Celeste and Celestia, it was Celestia which fell ill. And thus, its fiendish rot tore into its core, leaking a foul passengers in a horrific display. From the redened moon dropped a massive tide of blood. With the summoning of Yggdrasil, it formed a barrier around the protected lands of Bohemia, shielding it from the worst of The Gloom's destruction.   But once again, the gods had fallen that day. The Gloom began to spread across the globe, slaughtering all life in its path in an endless horde of violence and destruction. These viscious, impossibly powerful creatures felled even the greatest empires and autocracies known in that day. It is this that sent the nation of Ezo to split away from the contintent by the deeds of a mighty wizarding troupe. It was this that slaughtered the once peaceful realm of elves. It was this that brought the end to the war to end all wars. It was a Pyrrhic end to hostilities. And although the fey witches were soon after slain, and over a millennia the world began to defeat The Gloom and slowly heal, the marks of this event were permanent.  

The Day of Fallen Sky

  It is for these horrors that we remember this day. A day of mourning, but also of evolution. It was this day that has brought us our new gods, and let the old ones pass on into history. It is this day that shaped our very world that we know. And it was this day that we must keep in our memories, as a firm reminder that the gods will always pursue their own course in all endeavors.   It is on this day that we pay tribute to our temples, shrines, or mantles to pay tribute to those who guide our celestial lives. Those who pay tribute with the price of silver and gold are said to be rewarded highly for their piety, to both the community and the gods themselves, for their reverence. After these short services commemorating the memories of the fallen, it is said that the living are to celebrate with festivities, with ales and wines, throughout the night, paying respect to the moon - ideally away from the clutter of cities, out in nature to bask under trees and upon fields under the light of the moon.   It is for this that we honor this day, even an age later. For without the life we share in this day, the new gods that guide us today may fall prey some day to the wily ways of foul beings just as before.

Components and tools

Various religious iconography for any individual gods being worshiped. For those who worship the old gods - particularly The Moon or The Arbor - beautiful religious symbols to worship their praises. Finally, large outdoor festivals are held to commemorate their names.


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