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Session 6 (LW)


General Summary

After the group's tasking encounter in the ruins of Valr Don, they found themselves at their final destination, and the beginning of their grand adventure: The Conduit. Beleaguered, they took a moment for themselves, recovering from their wounds and mourning the loss of Kenji, deeper down in the ruins to The Gloom they had faced. Concern also went to Chi, who was now missing her arm, but otherwise seemed cognizant and sound despite this change. Zoe set about casting her spell, and overt he next hour, in the snow and the darkness, the Conduit itself lighted with all manner of arcane geometry, before sending out a bright like that seemed to string along the sky off into the distance.   The group took the elevator they had used back down to the central city of Valr Don, and then the previous elevator that was inoperable down to the ground level of the massive mountain, before taking their leave of Mount Yamato altogether, heading back toward Ezochi to figure out their next steps.   Unfortunately, their next steps were decided for them. In their travels through the snow back toward the capital city, Chi's condition very quickly grew worse. She began falling weaker, and then losing concentration, before losing large amounts of her consciousness altogether, entering some strange state of coma. The group ventured to some tasks in Ezochi, with Ren opening up to Lance about his past, as well as his connection to an acquaintance of his, Akiko. But more pressing matters with what to do with their mission, with Chisato, and with Zoe were pressing.   The group decided to meet with Mori, the shrine priest in Niigata. Venturing north of Ezochi, they met a horrible scene: the temple had been ransacked, with Mori and the shrine maidens being violently assaulted. They claimed it was a strange man looking for Zoe, which was later revealed by Rika to be an individual who set about this entire endeavour, and brought Zoe into contact with Unmei in the first place, through a terrible series of rituals.   To their fortune, Mori was not dead, and saved by their speedy arrival. They discussed with him about what should be done in their great quest, Zoe's first destination was located just behind the shrine itself, small cloister behind the waterfall that was near the shrine itself. She prayed at it for a time as the other characters related, and returned weak but eager.   It was also decided that it would be best to leave Chisato at this shrine, with Rika staying behind. Mori would be able to tend to Chisato as best they could, and Rika suggested that it would be improper of her to leave Chisato behind, all alone, with nothing to be done about Zoe's quest. The group decided that they would accompany Zoe, and also train her up to be more proficient in combat, before their next inevitable encounter with danger.

Missions/Quests Completed

Activate the Conduit, find the next cloister.

Character(s) interacted with

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Report Date
06 Feb 2019
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