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From east to west:   The island of Ezo sits off the coast, with a small province along the eastern seaboard. To the north, a massive tundra of badlands, mountain ranges, and salt flats, marshes, and frozen deserts, occupied largely by orcs and tieflings.   West of the eastern seaboard, the land remains mountainous through formosa before evolving into escarpments, followed by long stretching steppes. These steps turn to mountains and forests moving through Grenze and into Opalesce. West of Opalesce is a sea of blood from the Moon's Cry, with a land bridge made from the northern ridge of Homestrand. Bastion lies in the center, a massive walled island in the center of the blood sea, with Cascadia to the south defending itself from wilds on all sides.   West of Bohemia are The Bloodfens, ruined marshlands tainted with monstrous blood and terrible beings. Éndelaria has swelled in size with no resistance from human races. The Ruby Kingdom exists north of Dovchina, a land ravaged by constant civil war and potential invasion. The Holy Empire dominates west of the Ruby Kingdoms, in lands of rolling hills, mountains, forests, and deserts down to the south.   Finally, The Zeme forms massive grasslands and rolling hills of largely nomadic tribes exist. Kimberly exists as a small city-state to the far northwest along the rugged coast of the western oceans.


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