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Fortune Dragon


When compared to all five dragon types, fortune dragons are described as average size, shape, and magical ability, with below average physical ability. Young dragons who morph into fortune dragons face the fewest changes of all.  
Size wise, fortune dragons stand as an intermediate dragon, bridging the gap between the more massive swift and strength dragons from the very small spirit and conjuring dragons. They have gritty, irregularly shaped scales that grow larger and thicker towards the dragon's undersides. These scales have a rough sandpaper like texture and are bright, slightly metallic red with a sharp transition to light orange on their underside. Their wing membranes, tail rudder, and modest crest match their belly scales in color. Fortune dragons stand on four rather lean legs.   Much like spirit dragons, fortune dragons lack physical strength but do not have the speed or agility to make up for their deficit. They tend to live more sedentary lifestyles than other dragons though they are still more than capable of great physical feats. Magical stamina is the same as with all other dragons but their pure magical ability lags behind that of spirit dragons. A fortune dragon's magical ability still outclasses the abilities of nearly all Lakis species.   Though there seems to be no reason for the exclusivity, fortune dragons have the unique ability to receive "fortunes," in the form of prophecies, predictions, and visions. Most fortunes are of the immediate future, many of which speak of coming weather conditions. A fortune dragon can direct their spell to search for a specific type of fortune but they cannot control what comes to them. The spell is rather simple and requires little magic, though how it works is such a complex web of happenings that most fortune dragons only learn the basics: the spell touches upon the spirit world, who can provide some direction for the output of the fortune. From there, the spell dips into the Raw Magic of the world which provides the content of the fortune. After that, the spell returns to the fortune dragon who cast it.   Aerial abilities for fortune dragons match their physical abilities in being lackluster. Speed wise they are faster than spirit dragons and slower than all others. Agility wise they are more agile than strength dragons but are out flown by all others.

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