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Leonardo Dewinter

The Crown´s Gentleman Leonardo Dewinter (a.k.a. Leo)

Leonardo is the current Crown´s Gentleman and thereby provisional ruler of Vandaryen. He also is reffered as Raven king or throne warmer by his opponents. After Nomad II. died the council of lords convened him as their represantive leader. Scrutinized by vandarysh gentry and continual threatend by the ravenchildren´s rise Leonardo struggles to lead a divided country but always trying to stay optimistic and fairly.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Leonardo Dewinter was born on 25th June of 1441 in Wallerys as the youngest son of Nadine Dewinter, countess of Rhaben, and Nomad I. King of Vandaryen. Even if his parents expected a girl they were pleased to have a second son. Less delighted was Leonardos brother, Craven, because he saw him as a rival of the throne.


Leonardo lived the most time of his childhood in Wallerys. His mother didn´t want him to be raised in a dark wet castle. Like many members of the high aristocracy, his parents owned a recidense in the capital city. There Leonardo could grow up without any worries. Besides the days when Craven visted him. Paranoid and jealous his older brother interpreted everyting as a compition. Often mocked by his older sibling Leonardo regular complained by his parents. Dreyan, Leonardos father, saw it as an opportunity to temper him. In his opinion his son was to soft.
Since Nadine was generally travelling through the provinces, she never really witnessed of their children behaved. Leonardos father never bothered to tell her and he thus forbade the nursemaid to speak about it.
Leonardos only refuge was his nursemaid Regjiana Melen, an Half-Wood-Elf, and the books collected by his mother.


In his teenage years Leonardo attended the royal academy in Wallyres.


He attended the royal Acadamy in Wallerys. Leonardo was the best in his linguistic and alchemy classes. Some of his teachers assumed for fun that he could became the next great philosoph. As expected his parents were divided - Leonardos mother was flattered how well her son´s education went while Dreyan Dewinter demonized it.


Usually Dewinter lived in Meryn to represent his brother at the imperial council trying to adress not only intenions of Crevan but also the vandarysh people.
After the king´s death he immediatly returned home. There he convened the council of lords to organize further attempts to solve the unusual death of his brother. After long and harsh hours debating about Vandaryen´s fade, Sara Woodmark, speaker of the great house of Dewinter, and other high ranked lords elected Leonardo as the Crown´s Gentleman and thereby provisional ruler of Vandaryen.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Leonardo Dewinter is famous for his writing skills. Furthermore he is an excellent diplomat and was for many years royal envoy in Meryn. One of his noticeable accomplishments was to determine Vandaryens partaking in the Iron War against kingdom of Pastmont. Their troops are only serving as reserve legions, logistic or scouts. The last war was not more than 25 ago and something like a ghost still haunted the people.
Moreover his first published book The blood of the rose brought him fame and recognition from many scholars.

Failures & Embarrassments

The murder of Caleb Kronen

Do not dare to forgive me for what I've sinned for, because I know exactly what I did.
— Leonardo Dewinter in court

When Leonardo was 18 years old his first love and best friend Caleb was found dead in his bedchamber in the magical Acadamy of Wallerys. Witnesses testified that they last saw him alive in Leonardos presence. Although there was no further evidence, Dewinter confessed the murder and described exactly how he executed his best friend.
Surprisingly, Caryn Morges, supreme judge, spoke him free.

The jousting of Clayster castle

He's a coward who cannot even withstand his own brother.
— Nomad I. during the 80th Jousting of Clayster castle

It was no secret that Dreyan Dewinter didn´t liked his second son very much. In fact, Leonardo was rejected by him.
At any moment the king tried to devalue the prince. Even in front of the court of lords or the 80th Jousting of Clayster castle which Leonardo had surprisingly won. Not until Leonardo´s mother solely demanded a rematch which Dreyan only agreed if he could select the opponent.
Wistfully for Nadine her fear that one day her sons would fight each other came true. In the end, Leonardo had lost miserably against his brother because he refused to compete against Crevan. Yet his brother attacked and pushed him relentless of his horse.
Afterwards Leonardo was mocked by his father that he could´t even withstand his brother.

Personality Characteristics


Trust me, one day you will become a truthful leader or an enthusiastic writer.
— Nadine Dewinter
Through the rejection by his father and brother, Leonardos only light was his mother and his nursemaid. Of course, his mother wasn´t often with him but periodically he recieved letters and gifts from her. She supported his writings and even sent his stories to an librarian who was responsible for publishing.
She is the reason why Leonardo had started a party to help outcasted children. Through his mother Leonardo accomplished to be lenient with his brother. That´s why he volunteered to be an royal representative in Meryn.
Furthermore Leonardo doesn´t want that someone would suffer like him so he tries to tolerant everyone. Moreover his priority is the well-being of vandarysh people which was the main reason why he negotiated that the royal troops would only serve as a reserve army.

Vices & Personality flaws

Leonardo is addicted to Scorvyth, an plant which can cause strong hallucinations when it is smoked. Some of his servants are telling that you could not enter his private sleeping room without pressing something against your mouth when you don´t want to get addicted too.

Personality Quirks

Whenever Leonardo is nervous he bites on his lip or kneads his left ear.

Portrait by astrandedrusalka (Discord)
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Crown´s Gentleman, Prince of Vandaryen and Lord of Clayster castle
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
1441 CA 45 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Young master Leo, don´t let you fool by your older brother! Your parents wanted and, more important, want you.
— Regjiana Melen, Her Master´s Nursemaid
Regjiana Melen, Her Master´s Nursemaid
Gender Identity
He doesn´t care how people socially perceive him. Mostly he wents by he or they. Most envoys or servants are only speaking in plural to aristocratics.
As member of the royal family he got used to it quickly.
Short darkblond
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Spotty white
Quotes & Catchphrases
Of course I am not my brother. Neither am I worthy to be crowned king. To be honest I would rather shit on the throne than to sit on it all day long. Then I am just the throne warmer until my niece and rightful heir of this bloody crown, Fabienne Dewinter, has returned alive to Wallyres.
— Leonardo Dewinter to the council of lords
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
He speaks fluenty Common and Marleryk. Morover he understands Old-Vandarysh better than he can speak.

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26 Sep, 2019 18:35

I find the concept of having a (correct me if I'm wrong) medieval setting where a homosexual can accrue power to be interesting, especially since rarely if ever happened in history. It brings up questions as to how it would impact various concepts in that form of time, like how and/or who his position would go to. I did notice a few grammatical errors throughout the piece, though nothing that impacts the content in a significant way. Also, in my opinion, and with consideration for the word count noted, it could make a better piece if you developed the relations between the characters some more, or perhaps how the characters leave an impact on their surroundings. Overall, good work!

27 Sep, 2019 09:53

It´s important to mention that homogamous relationships were mostly kept secret. Due to the very conservative attitude of both Velodan empire and Serath religion homosexual people had been considered as insane or even devil worshippers. Meanwhile they are in some provinces tolerated but mostly not welcomed. For example Leonardo kept it secret, otherwise he couldn´t have been an envoy in Meryn. They are specially conservatie. I´m not yet finished and maybe I find some time to develope the character further.

3 Oct, 2019 19:30

He´s a coward who not even can withstand his own brother
The order of words here is a little funny. "He's a cowards who cannot even withstand his own brother." Would work a little better I think. It's really neat that he seemed to have at least two people in his life that were kind and motivated him. He comes across as a very mild mannered man, its very interesting.

6 Oct, 2019 15:49

Yeah, maybe the word order is a bit confusing. I will change it soon.