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It all started when a Barubara seedpod landed in the center of a Grahin'maha camp...


Faunar who have lived in the tree longer (like Grahin'maha and Helarad, mainly Chailcey and Aennano types) have houses higher up, which are usually more decorative and extensive. Farmers or producers and many of the sky-based creatures (Parrotona, Greenvine Dragons, Teireleff) live in the middle outer layer and have rights to clearspace. Newer inhabitants live in the shadows of the farms and on the younger stalks, while important creatures live in the central space, in the trunk.


Crowns are elected for ten Turns and oversee the topmost layers and the magical Grahin'maha. They meet with visiting royalty or ambassadors, or any important leaders, as well as organize important functions. The middle outer layer is led by Tradgers and Lefels, who are elected for eight Turns and organize and distribute food as well as oversee the affairs of the middle class. The difference between the two is that Lefels also organize currency, a new technology that is mainly used in larger, more diverse cities. The lower level is run by Deknems, who are elected for six Turns and mostly develop new plants with special abilities. The areas inside the trunk of the tree are managed by Cambrials, who are elected for nine Turns and are master traders.


The Brashnas and Barkners are the policing force, but the real military is a force of thousands of Lestre, Snahadr, Nafen, Possed and plenty of other dangerous plant-based creatures used both in offence and defence if the occasion were to arise. Right now they just patrol the levels. Brashnas are in charge of policing their branch and have almost no political power. Brashnas report to Barkners, who are in charge of defending the tree as a whole. Fauna who wish to enter the Evertree must pass through the Trichrome, an entrance near the base of the tree where Barkners make sure Faunar knows the rules and precautions and have no illegal items with them. They asked me not to say more than that, just in case. Note to fire-based Fauna: fire is, of course, banned from the tree and the surrounding three miles, at least until the Tortuga Canal is completed or the Deknems grow a fireproof plant and a fire-friendly branch is built.

Industry & Trade

The Evertree's traders export plenty of plant materials in exchange for animal and earth materials and exotics. In the center of the trunk is a large cavern, with many terraces and levels where temporary inhabitants can trade with permanents or just other traders. It is also the Meetplace for mandatory functions.


A Springwood Dratni named Fen bred a new species of Aukren that grows in high elevation and collects rainwater, which has become increasingly popular in public spaces. Actually, specialized plants are grown all over the tree to deal with the waste and needs of different creatures.

Guilds and Factions

The Magic Builders Guild provides a safe place for magic users of all ages to practice their powers. They hold a moderate amount of political power and can be called on by the Barkners if the Evertree ever needed to be protected from outside forces. Other guilds and groups are pretty unimportant, though this may have changed since I was there.


When the Barubara first started to grow, it was in a secluded part of a Grahin'maha camp, where the initiated were practicing their magic. A small friend group found the cluster in its youth and grew it into a meethouse, and when it seeded they grew other small houses for themselves. Their children continued the tradition and planted seedpods near the base for their own houses. By then it had become a large structure for the cubs of the tribe to play and practice in. Nearly thirty Turns after the main stem had matured, the bulk of the Grahin'maha were living in Barubara homes. The tree outgrew the camp near the middle of the Lifeblood War, right about when a Helarad city was desolated. Refugees flooded to the neutral tribe, who welcomed them, and after the war ended many of the Helarads decided to stay permanently, and called it the Evertree. After the crown of the Barubaras broke through the mist, the city became a magnet, constantly growing until it reached its size today.


Homes are grown from the stalks in a bulb-like structure, spiraling together in a tight pattern with calculated openings. Inside, horizontal surfaces are created by planting Flatridge Fungi on the inner walls. Farms are created by layering stems sideways in a bowl shape, filling it with water, then growing special Flatridges that can grow other plants on top. For decoration, many inhabitants grow Lichbuds in the seams of the Barubara stems.


For the humans reading this, imagine a thick rope that pokes out of the ground and frays at the top. Now take a bunch of strings and twist some of them into slightly thicker twine and wrap them around the rope, with string poking up around the base. Zoom in and imagine that at some points, the threads separate and create tiny hollows. Now grow your setting into a taller, thicker version of itself, color it green, grow some other plants on it, and fill it with tiny living creatures. Congratulations, you have now created a semi-accurate model of the Evertree. Near the Evertree runs the Shelbiens Channel, which is being redirected to flow around the Evertree in a moat. The Magic Builders Guild is located in the topmost center of the canopy, with paths to many main branches. The Council Hall is nearer to the base and is fairly open to the Marketplace, as well as being where trials happen. The jail is secured underneath the tree and is completely encompassed by three-foot-thick Stoneroots, is protected by multiple high-level spells, and can also securely hold any creature who is smaller than a Cloudstorm Dragon.

Natural Resources

Plants. A whole lot of plants.
23 million
Location under

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